Canon Collins/James Learmonth Scholarships 2023 – APPLY NOW!

The Canon Collins/James Learmonth Scholarships for Masters in Education is a testament to the belief that education is a powerful tool for creating a more inclusive society, fostering social stability, and promoting international cooperation.

Canon Collins/James Learmonth Scholarships 2023
Canon Collins/James Learmonth Scholarships 2023

These scholarships, established in memory of James Learmonth, an influential educational practitioner in the UK, aim to support teachers and educational leaders in Malawi in their pursuit of studies in education. Administered by the Canon Collins Trust, the scholarships provide a transformative opportunity for individuals passionate about advancing education in Malawi.

Rewards of Canon Collins/James Learmonth Masters Scholarship

The Canon Collins/James Learmonth Masters Scholarship awards successful candidates with up to US$3,500 per academic year. These funds will cover the tuition fees and provide a living allowance.

Please note that the figure may vary, subject to confirmation of tuition fees.

James Learmonth: An Influential Educational Practitioner

James Learmonth was a visionary educational practitioner who strongly advocated for the pivotal role of education in society. He firmly believed that teachers and educational leaders could only be effective if they embraced lifelong learning.

Unfortunately, James passed away in 2003 due to cancer, leaving behind a legacy that inspired his wife, family, colleagues, and friends to establish the James Learmonth Scholarship Programme.

This program honors his memory by empowering teachers and educational leaders in Malawi to further their studies in education and make a positive impact on the nation’s education system.

Canon Collins Trust: Administering the Scholarships

The Canon Collins Trust, a renowned organization dedicated to promoting social justice and human rights through education and advocacy, is entrusted with administering the Canon Collins/James Learmonth Scholarships.

With a rich history and extensive experience, the trust collaborates with the James Learmonth Scholarship Program to ensure the seamless implementation of the scholarship offerings. This partnership reflects the shared commitment to educational advancement and social transformation.

Eligibility Criteria

All Prospective Candidates  must be:

Documents Required for Application

  • Passport, driving license, or birth certificate
  • Academic transcripts
  • Degree certificates, if available
  • One academic reference
  • Recent payslips, for employed applicants

Application Deadline

June 10, 2023

How to Apply

  • To apply, Interested and qualified candidates should Go to Canon Collins Educational Trust on:
  • The application process typically involves submitting a detailed application form, academic transcripts, Degree Certificate, Recent payslips, and means of identification
  • The selection and evaluation process is rigorous, ensuring that deserving individuals are awarded scholarships based on their potential to make a meaningful impact in the education sector.


In conclusion, the Canon Collins/James Learmonth Scholarships for Masters in Education serve as a fitting tribute to James Learmonth’s enduring legacy and his belief in the transformative power of education.

These scholarships provide an invaluable opportunity for teachers and educational leaders in Malawi to further their studies and contribute to the advancement of education in their country. By investing in their professional development, the scholarships create a ripple effect that positively impacts students, communities, and society at large.

We encourage all eligible individuals to apply and continue James Learmonth’s vision of a brighter future through education.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can non-Malawian citizens apply for scholarships?

Yes, the Canon Collins/James Learmonth Scholarships are open to both Malawian citizens and non-Malawian residents who demonstrate a genuine interest in advancing education in Malawi.

Are the scholarships limited to specific universities or countries?

The scholarships are not limited to specific universities or countries. Applicants can choose relevant and accredited Master’s in education programs that align with their educational goals, regardless of the institution or country.

Are there any post-scholarship commitments?

The university urges scholars to give back to their communities and contribute to the improvement of Malawi’s education system. Although there are no specific post-scholarship obligations, alumni are encouraged to utilize their program knowledge and skills to create a positive impact in the field of education.



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