Can I Change My Facebook Name: How Can I Change My Facebook Name | How Do I Change My Facebook Name

Can I change my Facebook name? This was one of the questions recently asked by one of my subscribers. The answer to this question is very straight forward. Yes, you can change your Facebook name. Anyone can change their Facebook names whenever they chose to or feel like it. If you have been following me on my previous articles on Facebook, you would notice that I have mentioned Facebook being one of the best social media platforms there is. This is so because this platform has made everything about it so simple and flexible. And this is something every user would find enticing.

Can I Change My Facebook Name

Can I Change My Facebook Name

Anyone can change their names on Facebook. Your profile and your name on Facebook is a representation of who you are. And at all times, these features on Facebook should always portray the right pieces of information. When setting up your profile on Facebook it is right that you make use of your real name, the name you go by in your everyday life. This is because, with it, other users on the social media platform can get to find you. And also on the other hand you get to know who you are chatting with at all times.

If you feel like the name you have on your Facebook profile is not your real name or does not portray your person you can change it. And this is something most persons do not know about. Some persons however would resort to setting up a new Facebook account when they could have easily made the necessary changes to their account regarding their names. If you are reading this article today, then you are in luck as I will be giving you the directives needed to successfully change your name on Facebook.

How To Change My Name On Facebook

You already know that it is possible to change your name on Facebook and also how important it is to change your name on the platform. To therefore change your name on the Facebook social media platform follow the steps below;


  • Login to your Facebook account at
  • Click the drop-down arrow icon in the top right corner of your Facebook account page.
  • Select the settings and privacy option and click the settings tab.
  • Select name and enter your name then click on review change.
  • Enter your password and click save changes.

Android App

  • Open the Facebook app and tap on the hamburger icon.
  • Scroll down the menu list and tap Settings and privacy.
  • Select settings and tap personal information.
  • Tap name and enter your name.
  • Tap the review change tab, enter your password, and tap the save changes button.

iPhone App

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Tap the hamburger icon in the bottom right.
  • Scroll down and tap the settings and privacy option.
  • Select settings and tap the personal information button.
  • Tap name and enter your new name.
  • Tap review change, enter your password, and tap save changes.

That’s it. Note: you can only change your Facebook name every 60 days. Not all names are accepted on the Facebook social media platform. To therefore know the naming standards accepted on Facebook, check here.


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