Call of Duty: Warzone Ranked – When will Ranked Arrive?

What if Call of Duty: Warzone ranked mode? While fighting your way to getting back from the gulag is great, it is a lot of fun if you can show off your rank to your friends later on.

Call of Duty: Warzone Ranked

Nearly every major shooter and battle Royale game come with Ranked Mode. For example, the Apex Legends has it own version for years, leaving a lot of players with the question, why does the Call of  Duty: Warzone have its own? Developers can be really hard to get comments from when it comes to unannounced features, so it’s difficult to pin down anything concrete.

With that stated, there is some information out there, and we have collected it all in one place. Below I would be giving you every detail you need about Warzone ranked.

Warzone Ranked Competitive Mode

Warzone at the moment does not have ranked, and for a while now, it has been without a competitive mode since the launch, to the frustration of a lot of people. However, in an interview with GDC, ex-senior systems designer josh Menke confirmed that Warzone would be making use of a skill-based matching, alongside other titles of Call of Duty.

However, while there is no dedicated competitive mode, it’s something that Raven software is interested in.

When will Ranked Arrive?

The short answer here is that there are no immediate plans for Ranked mode. In a recent DiazBiffle Twitch stream, a developer on Warzone confirmed that it would not be on the coming horizon, but that it remained a high priority. With that, you do not be expectant of the feature in the coming seasons.

On the stream, they stated that ranked was something that is focused on for the future, which could suggest that it might not be making an appearance until Warzone 2, however, that is purely speculation. It seems clear that Raven Software is considering it seriously, but do not hold your breath waiting as you would likely get disappointed.

Alongside other battle royales, ranked actually cost points to enter, and your progress is based on the points that you acquire. Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG all follow similar Philosophies, dividing you up into ranks based on your entire accumulated points. Apex also comes with the division that would rise or fall based on the way you perform in a game.

It is quite easy to picture a warzone following a similar line, with points-based results for each match, but there is no telling if it would be making use of tiers or entry fees, or even head right in a totally new direction.


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