California Is Set To Ban 5 Toxic Food Additives Already Banned In Europe

California is set to ban 5 toxic food additives already banned in Europe. Some of the substances set to be banned can be found in Skittles candy and Hostess donuts. They are thought to contribute to a couple of health issues.

California Is Set To Ban 5 Toxic Food Additives Already Banned In Europe

California Is Set To Ban 5 Toxic Food Additives Already Banned In Europe

A bill was introduced to the California state legislature recently, and it looks set to ban five food additives that are already banned by the European Union. The chemicals that are targeted by Assembly Bill 418 have either been known to cause health issues or cannot be ruled out as potential health hazards when they are consumed.

The bill, which was introduced in the previous month by California State Assembly member Jesse Gabriel, who is a Democrat from the San Fernando Valley, would make California the very first US state to prohibit the chemicals being used in the production and packaging of food.

What California State Assembly Member Jesse Gabriel Said In a Press Conference in Regards To the Development

Gabriel In a press conference on Thursday on Zoom noted that many food brands including Coke and Pepsi, as well as national food retail and restaurant chains like Dunkin’, Kroger, and Panera Bread, have all moved away from the use of the chemicals in question. Other popular products, however, still make use of these EU-banned additives, and this is including Skittles and many other Hostess desserts.

The Five Chemicals As Well As Their Potential Health Hazards

Proponents of the first-of-its-kind legislation in a release that was posted online have outlined the five chemicals in question as well as their potential health hazards and you can find them here.

Senior Advocate for California Government Affairs Has To Say about the Move

Susan Little, senior advocate for California Government affairs at the activist organization Environmental Working Group in a statement said of the chemicals: “We know they are harmful and that children are likely being exposed at a much higher rate than adults. It makes no sense that the same products food manufacturers sell in California are sold in the EU but without these toxic chemicals. Our kids need to be protected, too.”

A lawsuit back in July was filed against mars which is the maker of Skittles claiming that the candy is not fit for human consumption.


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