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What do you understand by business selling on the Facebook marketplace? Millions of people come on the Facebook marketplace every month to buy and make sales. If you own an online business that involves sales of products or items, the Facebook marketplace is the best place to start selling your products or items. You should note that the Facebook marketplace does not allow the listing of services and some other products or items. In this post, we will be sharing with you the items that are prohibited in the Facebook marketplace amongst others.

Business Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Business Selling on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a free platform that allows you to list products for sale for free, unlike most eCommerce platforms that charge for literally almost everything and anything. Since when the marketplace kicked off in 2016, a huge success has been recorded so far. The platform has a very simple interface. This makes it very easy for buyers to locate whatever item they want to buy without any complications.

Using Facebook Marketplace to Grow Your Business

As a business owner, when you are selling on the Facebook marketplace there are a lot of advantages you have over those that do not use this platform. These advantages help your business grow faster, here are some of the ways you can use the Facebook marketplace to your best advantage.

  • You can use the Facebook marketplace to create awareness for your brand or business. This way, your sales will increase.
  • Establish yourself as a trusted seller. This will help you create a network of customers that are most likely to remain customers.
  • Over time, test the marketplace in a manner that will determine the best option to sell a particular product at a particular time. This will ensure your items or products don’t stay too long in your inventory. For faster sales.

The three points discussed above gives you leverage over other business that do not use this platform to make sales.

Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace

When listing items on the Facebook marketplace, there are certain things you must do to help boost your sales. Not doing this doesn’t have any negative result, but when you use these tips the difference is always clear. Here are tips to follow when listing your items to get better sales.

  • Make sure your description is clear, brief, and precise. All details concerning the product you are listing must be stated in the description.
  • Attach a very clear and recent photo of the item you are listing.
  • Make sure the category you are selecting for the item is the right one.
  • If shipping or delivery is involved, state the price.
  • Reply to potential buyers as soon as possible.
  • Since Instagram is owned by the same platform, use Instagram to promote what you are listing.

Using the above tips guarantees at least 80% growth in your sales compared to when you do not use these tips. For a better result, sellers are advised to take note and make use of all the tips.

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