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Broadridge is a financial solutions company. This company is based in the United States and in into financial technology. The company was founded in 2007 and has its headquarters in Lake Success, New York, United States of America. The company was initially created as a spin-off from Automatic Data Processing. Also, the company provides advanced technology and operations, communications, data, and analytics solutions for the financial services industry and businesses.  It supplies public companies with proxy statements, annual reports, and other financial documents, and shareholder communications solutions, such as virtual annual meetings. Over these years, the company has been known to help make amazing decisions for the business.



The Broadridge company is currently under the leadership of Tim Gokey as the CEO and president and Richard J. Daly as the executive chairman and was the former CEO of the company. The company runs its activities with over nine thousand (9 000) persons as employees. The insights the company capitalizes on are asset management, capital markets, consumer finance, corporate issuer, EMEA, financial advisors, fund distribution, regulatory, retirement, wealth management, communications.


The products and solutions offered by the Broadridge Company are the services that the company can provide. These solutions are grouped in to;

  • Financial Services: Broadridge has been giving expert solutions for financial services for several decades and the services are asset management, capital markets, and wealth management.
  • Corporations: the Broadridge is a streamline shareholder communications and management and the services offered are corporate treasury (increase efficiencies in managing cash and risk) and corporate issuer (build your brand and engage shareholders, gain insights and uncover opportunities, simplify the annual meeting process, and gain insights on pay, performance, and general meetings).
  • Consulting Services: provides you with actionable insight and proven execution with services like data & technology, finance, governance, risk and compliance, and operations.

All the products offered by the Broadridge company listed out below include;

  • Asset Servicing.
  • Bank Debt and Loan Trading.
  • Banking Book Collateral Management.
  • Billing and Expense Management.
  • Branded Shareholder Portal.
  • Cash Management.
  • Collateral Management.
  • Compliance and Regulatory Accounting Managed Services.
  • Connectivity.
  • Control Solutions.
  • Corporate Trade Confirmation Service.
  • Credit and Market Risk.
  • Custody Expense Management.
  • Data Control Intelligent Automation.
  • Data Control Managed Services.
  • The Data Control Messaging and Connectivity.
  • Data Control Reconciliations.
  • The Data Management, Analytics, and Reporting.
  • Data Management, Warehouse, and Reporting.
  • Derivatives Trade Processing.
  • Distribution 360.
  • DLT Repo.
  • Equity Trade Processing.
  • European Fund Market Intelligence.
  • Expense Management and Fee Validation.
  • Expense Management Managed Services.
  • Factsheet.
  • Fee Billing.
  • Financial Reporting.
  • Fixed Income Trade Processing.
  • Foreign Exchange Trade Processing.
  • Fully Paid Lending.
  • Fund Budgeting and Accruals.
  • Global Market Intelligence.
  • Global Post Trade Management.
  • The Global Securities Class Action Services.
  • Global SWIFT Services.
  • Institutional Market Intelligence.
  • Interactive Online Document Management.
  • Intermediary Fee Management.
  • Intraday Risk Monitoring.
  • Key Information Documents.
  • Lombard lending in the Cloud.
  • Managed Reference Data Service.
  • Managed Services, Hosting, and Integration.
  • Market Analytics.
  • MiFID II Costs & Charges.
  • North American Post Trade Processing Managed Services.
  • Operational Risk Management.
  • Performance and Attribution.
  • Portfolio and Order Management.
  • Portfolio Securities Voting.
  • Post Trade and Regulatory Compliance.
  • Post Trade Processing Managed Services for EMEA and APAC.
  • Predictive Meeting Analytics.
  • Pricing and Valuation.
  • Professional Services.
  • Proxy Management.
  • Proxy Services.
  • Reconciliation.
  • Reconciliation Managed Services.
  • Reference Data Management.
  • Regulatory & Investor Communications.
  • Regulatory Trade and Transaction Reporting.
  • Revenue and Expense Management.
  • Revenue Management and Fee Billing.
  • Risk and Transparency Reporting.
  • Sales and Asset Reporting.
  • Securities Finance.
  • Securities Processing.
  • Shareholder Data Services.
  • Trading Platforms.
  • Translation Services.
  • Virtual Shareholder Meeting.

These are all the products offered by the Broadridge company to other companies and firms.


If you are thinking of growing your career in Broadridge, you can. Yes, there are windows of opportunities open at Broadridge on which you can build on. Broadridge takes the care of its employees seriously and it focuses on making the best out of everyone’s career. In the company, there are different department where one can easily fit in and they include;

  • Accounting/Finance.
  • Campus/University Recruiting.
  • Client Services/Account Management.
  • Executive Assistant/Administrative Support.
  • Human Resources.
  • IT Corporate Information Systems.
  • IT Development.
  • Legal.
  • Medical/Safety.
  • Operations.
  • Print Production Operations/Fulfillment Services.
  • Product/Project Management.
  • Professional Services.
  • Sales/Marketing.
  • Strategy/Business Development.

Under these departments, there are several job opportunities.

Benefits Of Broadridge

There are several benefits you stand to gain from employing the services of Broadridge in your firm or company. They include;

  • Enrich client engagement: Broadridge helps to reach clients and shareholders where they are with the content they need.
  • Navigate risk & compliance: Broadridge helps reduce regulatory compliance costs while mitigating market and operational risks.
  • Optimize operations: with Broadridge, your company can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your trade and account processing operations.
  • Drive revenue growth: Broadridge helps you harness the power of data to target new growth opportunities.

With benefits like this, you can be sure Broadridge is worth the trials for all your financial solutions.

To learn more about the Broadbridge financial solutions company, see here.


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