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Boston University Acceptance Rate. Boston University is a great university, and there is certainly a lot of things to like about the University. And because of how great the university is, it received 61,006 applications for just one spot in the 2020-2021 freshman class. Boston University has gone through a sharp rise in popularity/prestige that the acceptance rate is now one-third of what it was just some years ago (18.5% vs. 58%).

Boston University Acceptance Rate

Boston University

located in one of America’s most popular cities, BU happens to be a highly-ranked academic program in the following:

  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Communications
  • the performing arts
  • education
  • and a litany of other disciplines.

The flood of applications that came in recently has caused the average SAT to rise more than 150 points just in the time since Barack Obama’s first inauguration. Everyone that is looking forward to admission to Boston university is expected to perform much better compared to a generation ago.

Boston University’s Overall Acceptance Rate

Aiming to come up with a freshmen class of 3,100 students, BU so happens to admit 18.5% of the 61,000+ that have applied in the 2019-20 admission cycle. This figure so happens to drop down just a fraction of a percentage point from the prior year, and down from 22% about two years ago.

Boston University Early Decision Acceptance Rate

All those that so happens to be serious about attending BU are expected to consider applying through early decision. Around half of the universities, recent first-year admits were accepted via ED. Boston University so happens to offer two rounds of early decision – ED I in November and ED II that take place in January. ED acceptance rate is 7% higher than the regular decision acceptance rate which is great.

Boston University Admissions: SAT, ACT, and Class Rank

All those that have been admitted into the class of 2024 sported an average high school class that is rank in the top 7%, an “A-“ average and middle-50th standardized test scores of 1420 – 1540 on the SAT and 32-35 on the ACT. All those that decided to enroll in the university for the start of the 2019-20 school year held SAT scores with a middle-50% range of 1360-1480; the ACT range was 30 – 34.

Almost one-fifth of the class of 2023 members came along with a great score of 4.0 (unweighted) and 87% happen to have a much better 3.5. among those who submitted a class rank, 64% happens to be placed in the top decile of their graduating high school class while 92% earned a spot right in the top quartile.


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