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Boat Lift is a machine designed to protect a boat above the water.  Either at a private dock or at a marina. Keeping a boat on a lift offers a number of advantages over keeping it tied at the dock and in the water.

Boat Lift

You will have to be protecting the boat and drive from corrosion, especially in saltwater. However, you need a boat lift to protect your boat, maintain its value, and enjoy the water. Boat lifts are smart investments. It promotes a fast and convenient way to your Boat and keeps it looking new.

Boat Lift

The boat lift keeps the boat out of the water and free from marine growth on outdrives and the hull of your boat. Each boat lift is available with manual control (standard) placed near the lift or with remote control (optional). the frame is constructed from hot-dipped galvanized steel and corrosion-resistant hardware.

The lift also permits you to have easy access to your watercraft to eliminate difficult maintenance problems. They keep your boat out of the water when you are not using it. They offer support and minimize the negative effects of weather and the elements. Lift secures your watercraft and gives you peace of mind.

How to Register a Boat Lift

A boat lift is a wise investment. Completing the Product Registration Form is an important step to take in protecting your property.

The following are steps to take in Registrations:

  • Open tab and click on Registration
  • In the above form fill in your Name, First and Last Name.
  • Input your address like your street address and address Line
  • Input the name of your city, state/province/Region
  • After that, input your ZIP/Postal Code, followed by your country name.
  • Follow by, phone number and your existing Email address
  • In the next space, input your Sun stream Dealers Name, followed by Date of Purchase.
  • Next is your Serial number and Model.
  • Input your Boat Brand and Best Model
  • Input the year and write a short note in the next space about your first learn about Boat Lifts
  • You can refuse the offer of sending you a product update
  • Finally, click to the down and click on SUBMIT

Good factors to consider while Choosing a Boat Lift

There are important factors to look into while choosing a boat. You should discuss the following factors with any authorized technicians and Certified Installers:

  • You should consider the weight when fully loaded
  • The shape and size of your boat lift
  • Whether your boat docks in fresh or saltwater
  • Whether your dock will be fixed or floating type
  • Your off-season boat storage needs and preferences

Floating a Boat Lift

Floating boat lifts are designed to help keep your boat out of the water when not in use, and away from the damaging effect of Nature. Floating boat lifts have been created and engineered for easy use and years of reliable use. It requires adequate water depth to allow the unit to submerge deep enough for the boat to float off. They need a slip where is docking at the bow, starboard, and also part sides of the vessel.

A floating boat can work when on the boat lift, a watercraft rests on bunk boards that are attached to a cradle. The system is motorized, allowing users to easily lift and lower the cradle with the press of a button. Taking a boat out on the water is as simple as lowering the cradle until the vessel is floating freely.

How to Customize Your Waterfront with a BT Lift

To care for your boat, you need the right boat lift to do the job. To see a list of great boat lifts offered, check here below.


This lift is the fastest and most convenient boat lift on the market. It gets on off the water for 1 minute. Designed for your convenience.

It is available in hydraulic, power Winch, or manual Winch systems.

Great lakes Lift Vertical Boat Lift

It has grade 5 bolts and U-bolts. With Carpeted utility bunks that have 54 adjustable legs. It also has an electric winch option.

Great Lake Lifts Hydraulic BT Lift

This boat lift is made of a Mounted solar panel. And with a Mechanical safety cable. It has a 35-40 second cycle time.

Great Lakes Lifts Heavy Water BT Lift

This boat has a Higher lift capability for rough waters. A lift with Grade 5 bolts and U-bolts. It is available in the Hydraulic unit.

Great Lakes Lifts Cantilever BT Lift

The lift is a pulley system with 1 bearing bronze bushings. The lift has 36 adjustable legs, 22 maximum extensions, and 42 cradle lifts from the bottom to the full-up position. It has a Heavy-duty anodized aluminum wheel.

Nucraft Vertical Boat Lift

The lift has 1600 to 8000ib capacities. the lift has Vinyl and aluminum hull bunks with an I-beam cradle design that is a patented double reduction winch.

Shore master Vertical BT Lift

The lift is quiet and reliable Whisper Winch. The lift is up to 66 lift racks with double V-side access.

Shore Master Hydraulic BT Lift

The lift is a simple and reliable operation. Remote control operation with low maintenance that is lift rack beams easily to accessorize.

Shore master Cantilever BT Lift

The lift is very easy to maintain brass pulleys. It is a quiet and reliable whisper winch that premium pivot bushings.

Four common Type of BT Lift

These are four common types of boat lifts:

  • Bottom standing lifts are ideas for fixed docks
  • Suspended lift is one of the most hard-wearing options
  • Pile mount lifts are sturdy and stable
  • Floating lifts are perfect for dealing with fluctuating water levels

Benefits of a boat lift

A boat lift is a smart and nice way to protect your investment in your watercraft. Owning a Hydro Hoist boat lift means you get the best boat lift in the industry because we stand by our products. With a boat lift, you get these amazing benefits:

  • It Lower maintenance costs
  • It has Simplified equipment loading
  • The lift is Easier in cleaning and maintenance
  • It is comfortable. Also, Faster and easier passenger boarding
  • Freedom from tangled ropes and lines
  • Protection from water-borne oxidization
  • It limits water absorption and hull damage

In addition, you also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your boat is safe and secure from marine-life damage. from vandals, and theft.

You will also benefit from the possible damage that can happen in your boat knocks against the dock – which can happen without a protective boat lift.

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