BMW Unveils A Car That Can Change Colors

BMW unveils a car that can change colors recently at the just concluded CES 2022 event. Just at the touch of a button, this very BMW can change its appearance and this is all possible via the same tech that is used in e-readers.

BMW Unveils A Car That Can Change Colors

BMW Unveils A Car That Can Change Colors

What if I told you that with just a touch of a button, you can easily and simply change the color of your car? At the moment changing the exterior color of your car involves the traditional painting process.

The BMW automaking company has been investigating the feature and with the help of the E ink technology, the company unveiled a color-changing prototype of the car this week to the CES 2022.

Named the iX Flow, this electric SUV model uses the electrophoretic innovation found in E Ink to change its outside shading very quickly. How’s it work? The iX has an exceptional wrap that carries distinctive shading colors to the surface through electrical feeling.

The shading changing impact can go from front to back, side to side, in stripes, in blotches, etc. The E Ink wrap takes into consideration this flexibility.

Advantages of the E Ink Technology

E Ink execution has two key advantages. In the first place, it opens the entryway for a totally different universe of customization, permitting proprietors to change their vehicle’s tone and configuration dependent on disposition, situation, or whatever.

The vehicle “becomes an expression of different moods and circumstances in daily life,” said Stella Clarke, the iX Flow’s project chief. At this moment, however, the main tones are dark, white, and dim, which is fine if your “different moods and circumstances in daily life” involved inclination mooched on a stormy day. (I can relate.)

The other advantage? Expanded effectiveness. On hot, bright days, white vehicles will remain cooler than dark ones since they reflect more daylight. Likewise, on cool days, dull outside colors assist the vehicle with engrossing daylight, and accordingly more hotness.

BMW says this can decrease how much warming or cooling is expected to condition the vehicle on hot or cold days, which will further develop its, generally speaking, working productivity regardless of whether the thing that matters is slight.

The Basis of the E Ink Technology

The E ink technology is the same one that’s used in e-reader tablets. The iX flow warp on the other hand is made up of e-paper segments. And this is why the iX only can change its colors on the grayscale. But with the evolving E ink technology in adding more vibrant colors so too can the iX flow. But at the end of the day, it is just a concept.

Although being very cool and interesting, whether BMW will bring this type of technology to life is still a question mark.


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