BMW and Mercedes among Latest Companies to Opt-Out of an In-Person CES

BMW and Mercedes are among the latest companies to opt-out of an in-person CES presence and in the process adding to the long list of tech and other companies to opt-out of an in-person presence at the event.

BMW and Mercedes among Latest Companies To Opt-Out of an In-Person CES

BMW and Mercedes among Latest Companies To Opt-Out of an In-Person CES

With less than a week remaining before the kickoff of the CES event, BMW and Mercedes are two of the latest auto-making giants to include their name on the growing list of big names opting out of an in-person appearance.

Mercedes Press Statement Regarding Its Exit

Yesterday, Mercedes announced that it would be opting out of the physical event.

“As the health and safety of our customers, partners, employees, and guests are our highest priority,” Mercedes in a statement said. “Due to the large group of participants and the different country-specific regulations, a solid, safe and harmless planning for all participants is unfortunately not be feasible in the current situation. We deeply regret this decision but consider it necessary.”

BMWs Press Statement

BMW today also confirmed that it will be opting out of an in-person presence from the event too via a media release. The company is shifting to a virtual press conference. The company’s statement states “for many years, the BMW Group has been presenting innovations at the consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas. Due to the pandemic situation, the BMW group will move all planned media activities at CES to a fully digital program live-streamed from Germany.”

Velodyne Opts-Out Of an In-Person Presence at CES

Velodyne, a Lidar company issued a full press release about its choice this week too. It states: “Velodyne Lidar will not participate in person at CES 2022 due to the surge in COVID-19 infection rates. The health and safety of employees, partners, and the public are the topmost priorities for Velodyne and were the primary factors in the company’s decision”.

IBM Confirms its Choice to Exit an In-person Presence at CES

In a statement to TechCrunch, IBM also confirmed its choice to exit from an in-person presence at the event earlier today, stating: “due to the evolving COVID conditions, and out of an abundance of caution, IBM will not participate on-site at CES in Las Vegas this year. We look forward to participating in the event virtually.”

Panasonic Joins BMW and Mercedes In Opting Out Of an In-Person CES Presence

Additionally recently out is Panasonic, which had arranged an in-person question and answer session for January 4. The organization has moved to a virtual occasion and will just have a restricted presence at the show.

Other Big Name Companies to take Similar Decision

Those organizations join GM, Google, Microsoft, AMD, OnePlus, MSI, Lenovo, Intel, T-Mobile, AT&T, Meta, Twitter, Amazon, Proctor and Gamble, TikTok, Pinterest and various significant news sources, TechCrunch included. The choice to escape over mounting omicron concerns is probable a particularly troublesome one for new businesses, who depend on shows like CES to get taken note. I have, in any case, been reached by a developing number of more modest organizations who have settled on the hard choice to remain at home.

The CTAs Response to Exiting Companies from the CES

The CTA which is the organizing body of the event has remained adamant in changing its plans for the event which starts on the 5h of January.

“CES 2022 will be in person on January 5-8 in Las Vegas with strong safety measures in place, and our digital access is also available for people that don’t wish to, or can’t travel to Las Vegas,” the organization in a statement issued on the 22nd of December said.  “Our mission remains to convene the industry and give those who cannot attend in person the ability to experience the magic of CES digitally.”

Head of CTA, Gary Chapiro said “CES will and must go on in Las Vegas,” which accused media of “tell[ing] the story only through their lens of drama and big name companies.”


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