Block Someone on Facebook – Block Someone On Facebook App | How to Block Someone on Facebook

Blocking someone on the social platform that is annoying or disturbing you is a great way to protect yourself. With the block option on Facebook, you can easily get rid of toxic users, harassment, or those you don’t wish to connect or communicate with.

Block Someone on Facebook

Now, if you’re here because you don’t know how to block someone or don’t know where to locate the option, then you have come to the right post. In this post, I will be showing you where the option is and also how you can block toxic people from your account. Read on to find out more.

Block Someone on Facebook

Blocking someone on Facebook is very easy and it is a better way to protect yourself from users that are just there to harass or manipulate people. When you block someone on Facebook, they won’t be able to tag you or even see the things you post on your account. If you want to get rid of toxic people or users in your account, then I’ve got you, read on to see how you can do that.

What happens When I Block someone on my Facebook?

Blocking toxic people on your Facebook is a way to protect yourself from abuse, harassment, or manipulation from users that are insecure of themselves. So they gain pleasure in seeing people hurt or sad. What happens to those you block from your account is something you shouldn’t be worried about, because they will no longer be able to contact you.

Well, since you asked for it, here’s what happens when you block someone on your account;

  • See things you post on your Facebook Timeline
  • They won’t be able to tag your posts, comments, or even photos.
  • You won’t get a group or event invites from them.
  • Connect with you and start a conversation.
  • Your name won’t pop up on their search for your profile. That is to say, they won’t be able to add you as a friend on the platform.

If you block someone that you’re friends with, Facebook will unfriend you as well. Just as they won’t be able to connect or share with you, you won’t do the same. That means you can’t start a chat with them or even add them as friends. Note that blocking them on Facebook might not prevent all communications such as apps or groups.

How to Block Someone on Facebook

Blocking a user or friend from your account is simple and very fast to do. It can be done using Facebook or Classic Facebook or New Facebook. And below I will be sharing the guidelines on how to platform on all three means. To block someone on Facebook, follow the guides below;

Block Someone on New Facebook;

  • Click on the downward arrow at the top.
  • Then select Settings and Privacy > Settings.
  • Click on “Blocking on the left side of the option.
  • In the section that says: Block Users, put in the name of the person you’d like to block and click on Block.
  • When the profile of the person you wish to block is shown, click on Block, then Block Jane Doe (for instance).

Classic Facebook;

Classic Facebook is the old web version of the platform, so if you using the interface, follow below to block someone;

  • Click on the downward arrow and select Settings.
  • Then click Blocking in the left column.
  • In the section for Block users, input the user’s name, and click Block.
  • Select the person or profile you want to block and click Block, > Block Jane Doe.

Block Someone On Facebook App;

To block someone using the Facebook app, follow below;

  • Tap on the menu icon once you’re logged into your account and select Settings & Privacy > Settings.
  • Move down to Privacy and select Blocking.
  • Tap add to blocked list and type in the name of the user you’d wish to block.
  • Find the person you want to block and tap Block.
  • Tap on Block again to confirm your decision.

The user will be blocked from ever adding or contacting your account until you unblock them. Note: if the user you wish to block is not shown with the method above, you can simply go to the person’s profile. Then select Block from the menu on the profile.


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