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Bigo Live is one of the top live streaming social media platforms. The platform is somewhere in between Instagram stories, Snapchat and YouTube. Bigo Live has a lot to offer its users and in this post. We shall be discussing some of what Bigo Live offers you.



Bigo Live is a free app to use though for some services you might have to pay a certain token. Its Live feature can be used for a lot, if you have a talent you would like to display and earn from it. You can use Bigo Live for this and many other things.

Features of Bigo Live

Here, you will be seeing some of the things you can do with Bigo Live. Below are the features of Bigo Live.

Go Live

With Bigo Live, you can go live and show the crowd on Bigo Live what you are doing at the moment. To go live on Bigo Live all you need to do is login and click on the live icon.

Live Video Chat and Video Call for Free

You can make live calls and have live video chats with your friends on Bigo Live. Though this feature is limited to registered users.

Invite Friends

You get to invite your friends to join you on Bigo Live for live calls.

Group Video Chat and Video Call

If you can video chat with just one, why can’t you do it with more? Bigo Live allows you to video chat with up to 9 people. This feature is under the paid plan, so you need to subscribe to do this.

Suggested Friends

Meet people from different parts of the world and become friends with them as Bigo live suggest people to you.

Filters and Stickers

This feature is common to most social media platforms. You can use filters and stickers to make your chats more fun.

Free Voice Chat

Just as you have it for video chat, it can also be done for video chat and this feature is free too!

Bigo Live Post

You can start your own small blog or Bigo Live community and grow with friends and followers. You just have to create and post content (video in this case) that will attract viewers.

Bigo Live Games

There are games to play on Bigo Live online, in case you become bored.

Watch Live Shows for Free

Bigo Live allows you to live stream the latest music and dance shows for free. You can filter shows by country and select your favorite countries.

Beauty Effects

Bigo Live allows you to use beauty effects while going live on the app.

These are the major features of Bigo Live, there are still many of them. Download the Bigo Live app now to explore its other features.

Bigo Live Login

Downloading the Bigo Live app is not the only criteria to enjoy what Bigo live offers. You must also log in to Bigo live to access these features. Follow the instructions below to login to Bigo Live.

  1. Launch the Bigo Live app.
  2. Click on the Login button.
  3. Enter your Username and Password then tap Login.

You should know that you can’t log in to Bigo Live if you do not have a Bigo Live account. Just tap on Sign Up or Create Account to create your Bigo Live account. You can also visit their official site at for more about the platform.


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