Big PS VR2 Game Launch Lineup Promised by Sony

Big PS VR2 Game Launch Lineup Promised by Sony. Sony has just recently revealed some exciting news concerning the upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset, and it’s definitely something that would contribute to the success of the device: Plenty of games would be available right from the beginning.

Big PS VR2 Game Launch Lineup Promised by Sony

While virtual reality headsets are certainly all kinds of cool, some of them have the issues of a full library of titles that utilize the potential of the technology to its fullest. Sure, it’s fun for you to walk around and take a look at beautiful sights, but if you are interested in actual gameplay, some games might fall a bit short. To that end, Sony wants to get prepared, and it promises that more than 20 games would be ready for the launch of the new PS VR2 platform.

Big PS VR2 Game Launch Lineup Promised by Sony

The headset was originally announced during the CES 2022 in January, so its technical specs have been Known for quite some time. PlayStation VR2 is stated to deliver gaming in 4K HDR, with a 110-degree field of view, on a vibrant OLED display with a resolution of 2000 x 2040 per eye.

The gaming experience is expected to be close to silky-smooth with refresh rates hitting up to 120Hz. It also would come with eye-tracking and a host of sensory features that would make the gameplay more immersive, which is exactly what Sony promises to deliver with the new gaming gadget.

The Information is coming from a business briefing during which Sony talked about the upcoming headset along with the recent successes and plans for the coming future. Various rumors point to the PS VR2 being set to launch sometime in 2023, but so far, Sony seems tight-lipped on the matter. Fortunately, it has told us more concerning the gaming aspect of the new headset.

Which Games Would be Available on The PS VR2

As stated by Sony, the over 20 games available at the launch would include both first-party and third-party titles. According to SIE president Jim Ryan, the company has decided to invest a considerable amount of money in others to ensure that gamers have plenty of titles to select from. But unfortunately, Ryan did not go into details as to which of the games we should expect. No matter, we are already aware of one of the titles being developed specifically for the PlayStation VR2, and it looks as if it is going to be a great one.

“Horizon Call of the Mountain” is a new game that was set in the “Horizon” universe and it is currently being created by Guerrilla and Firesprite. As per the official PlayStation Website for the title, the story would allow the player to control an entirely new character, but would also be reunited with familiar characters from the previous games. Just a quick peek at the screenshots shows what seems to be a stunning visual, and the trailer, short as it might be, only builds on that.

As long as the PS VR2 hardware can handle it and it should, seeing as the game would be created exclusively for that platform “Horizon Call of the Mountain” could actually end up being one of the most beautiful VR titles to date. Much like the headset itself, the game also does not have a release date as of yet. However, all the signs seem to be worth the wait.


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