Best Walkie Talkies for Kids: Buying Guide

Finding the best walkie-talkies for your kids can be challenging, but there are a lot of factors to consider to help you find the best option. Scroll down for a guide to help you select the right product.

Best Walkie Talkies for Kids
Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

However, these types of gadgets for kids come in all shapes, sizes, and technological capabilities. But you will need to go for walkie-talkies that let your kids have a lot of fun without worrying about going out of range or running out of battery.

Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

Some of the walkie-talkies come in two forms of power, some require batteries while others are rechargeable. However, there are other features to consider before shopping for the right toy for your kids.

Furthermore, these toys are so easy to use. Some of them may have age references for their users. Generally, some have a channel that they can easily switch to when they turn on the device. Let’s see some guides to follow.

Buying Guide for Best Walkie-Talkies for Kids

There are a lot of things to consider when shopping for the best walkie-talkies for kids. Below are things to check out.

The Functionality

Make sure you consider the frequency functionality. Some of these products come with code while others don’t. however, you can go for an item that will be safe and secure with stable functionality for your kids.

How they are powered

You need to consider how they are powered. Some of the walkie-talkies use batteries while others are rechargeable. So, you can choose between the two options the one you think is fit for your kids.


Don’t go for something weak, as they come in different materials. As you know kids might accidentally drop the walkie-talkies while playing. So, make sure the materials are durable and drop-resistant.

Other features to Consider

Some of the walkie-talkies come with extra features outside the standard push-to-talk such as weather alerts or HD screens. Additionally, you can as well consider the type of device you are going for.

Range of Walkies Talkies

The range of the walkie-talkies is one of the things to consider when buying this device. However, a good walkie-talkie set ranges from 25 to 30 miles on limited frequencies.

What Are the Best Walkie-Talkies for Kids

The best walkie-talkie for kids is the one that functions well and also with battery life. it should be durable and also easy to carry around for fun and play with. Here are our top picks from Amazon to consider right now.

Best Walkie-Talkies For 3-Year-Old – Obuby Toys

This is an amazing toy to gift your kids either boys or girls. These radio receivers reduce noise while taking to keep kids engaged.  It can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities such as outdoor games, spring outings, and summer camping.

Additionally, design a small and light body with a flashlight that let kids easy to use and it also easy t carry around. It is made for kids of 3 to 13 years.


Best Walkie Talkies For 10-Year-Old – SK SUPKER

This is a portable and easy-to-use toy for 10-year-old kids. It is built-in touch which made it helpful for night adventure or dark walking environments.

However, Walkie talkies signal can pass through the house clearly, so your kids can still talk with your neighbour’s child when they are at home.


Best Walkie Talkie For 8-Year-Old – Retevis RT628

This is an amazing toy with excellent battery life to play with all day comes with a two-way radio with a keypad lock that prevents children from accessing other channels.

However, it has an easy bag clip to keep children from losing them and it is perfect for beginners. It is compact and lightweight.


Best Walkie Talkie For 5-Year-Old – Retevis RT-388 Rechargeable

This is a rechargeable walkie-talkie for kids at 5 years, made for both boys and girls.  It comes with a rechargeable battery and charges support charging them easily.

Additionally, they come with an LCD and built-in LED flashlight which makes them more convenient for kids to use in weekly light environments.  It comes with high-quality material making it durable for use.


Cheap Walkie-Talkies – Tintec 3-Pack

This three-pack of walkie-talkies is a great option if you have more than two children or want in on the fun too and it is affordable. It comes with 22 different channels for your kids to use, ensuring there will be at least one frequency that works for them.

Furthermore, they are very easy to operate, even for young children. The device has different bright colours and also has lots of appeal for children. The units run on four AAA batteries.


Rechargeable Children’s Walkie-Talkies – Winehouse

Winehouse walkie-talkies are one of the best rechargeable children’s toys. It is one of the best interactive tools for the whole family to keep in touch during a camping trip, hiking trip, or even in your backyard or near the pack.

Moreover, it is easy to use and fun to use. You can call your teammate with 1 of 10 call alerts. There is also a keypad lock to prevent little children from pressing.


Best Rechargeable Walkie-Talkies For Families – Topsung

This is one of the best rechargeable alkie talkies for families. They come with a code for private usage. It also supports more mature technologies such as smart control systems, and HD backlit LCD and is compatible with most brands.

However, it has two-way radios and an original fast charger, it supports turbocharging technology and provides overcharge, overvoltage & short circuit protection.



Should I Get Walkie-Talkies For My Child?

Walkie-talking is an amazing fun toy to get your kids, it keeps the whole house entertained. They are easy and safe ways for you and your children to talk back and forth from short or long distances depending on the range.

Are Walkie-Talkies Easy To Use?

Yes, they are very easy to use. Normally, walkie-talkies have paired channels that they can easily switch to when they turn on the device. However, some are simpler options such as an easy push to talk without a dial range.

Do Walkie-Talkies Have A Long Range?

The long-range depends on the type of walkies-talkies you purchase. Some are designed similarly as their rand can vary from 1-3 miles depending on the walkie-talkie’s capabilities.

How Many Watts Are A Good Walkie-Talkie?

Most handheld two-way radios on the market today use between 0.5-5 watts of power to broadcast a signal. However, depending on the model, some are designed to run on slightly more power b/w 1-5 watts.

What’s The Difference Between A Two-Way Radio And A Walkie-Talkie?

Two-way radios let you deliver your message at the same time, while walkie-talkies are used to receive mode while someone is talking.



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