Best VR Headset 2023 for Games, Movies and More

Gadgets are taking over gaming systems. As we all know about VR, otherwise known as virtual reality, there are the Best VR Headset for 2023 that you can choose from if you want to get one for yourself. This brings a better experience to gamers and video viewers who seek a higher resolution of whatever they want to view.

In this article, I will be considering the best VR headsets you should pick and their features to guide your selection. Remember, none of the devices mentioned are better than another, but they all have different features on the consumer’s needs, so choose wisely.

Best VR Headset 2023 for Games, Movies and More
Best VR Headset 2023 for Games, Movies and More

5 best VR Headset 2023

VR is still considered a niche gaming hobby, but it provides plenty of entertainment for both enthusiasts and casual fans, and there’s a lot to be excited about in the future. We recently reviewed Sony’s $550 PlayStation VR 2, which will be available on February 22 and provides a best-in-class console VR experience for PlayStation 5 owners.

The best VR headset for most people is still the several-year-old Meta Quest 2, a self-contained $400 wireless headset. The $1,500 Meta Quest Pro is prohibitively expensive, but the upcoming Meta Quest 3 may be worth the wait.

List of 5 best VR Headset for 2023 (5 best VR Headset for 2023)

Here is my selected choice of the 5 best VR headset for 2023 you can get and enjoy the full and amazing features a VR can offer to its user. They include:

Meta Quest 2

Despite the higher price, the Quest 2 remains the best and most versatile VR headset available right now. It’s also the most affordable, given that it doesn’t require a gaming console, phone, or PC.

The base model’s 128GB of storage is sufficient for storing dozens of games and apps, but keep in mind that additional storage cannot be added after purchase. Accounts can now bypass Facebook logins, though a new Meta account is still required.

PlayStation VR 2

The PSVR 2 is expensive and requires a PlayStation 5 to function. It is tethered rather than wireless. However, its HDR OLED display, graphics quality, built-in eye tracking, and fantastic advanced controllers which have the same vibrations and adaptive force-feedback triggers as the PS5 DualSense controllers give this headset a premium feel that raises the performance of its best games to a new level.

It could be a destination for top PC VR games, but for the time being, it is home to some exclusives such as Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil Village, and Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

HP Reverb G2

If the best VR headset for you is one with the best image quality in consumer VR, HP’s Reverb G2 is the winner. It’s probably the best option for serious gamers (or VR racing sim fans). The 2,160×2,160 per-eye resolution and 114-degree field of view are the best in this price range, and the lightweight, comfortable headset also has fantastic Valve-designed dropdown speakers.

It’s a Microsoft Windows mixed reality headset that prefers to launch in Microsoft’s native Windows 10 VR ecosystem, but it also connects to Steam VR and works with those games and apps. The built-in camera-based room-tracking is easier to set up than the external base stations used by the Valve Index, but it is more prone to tracking errors. The included controllers are based on Microsoft’s VR technology.

Valve Index

Valve’s headset isn’t as cutting-edge as it was when it debuted in 2020, but its compatibility with Steam VR and Vive hardware, excellent audio, and fancy controllers make it hardware worth considering. The pressure-sensitive “knuckle” controllers from Valve can track all five fingers, making them almost like gloves.

Not all apps take advantage of them, but Valve’s hardware is compatible with the HTC Vive, which is also built on the Steam VR platform. Although the Index headset has excellent audio and a sharp, wide-field-of-view display, its display resolution falls short of competitors.



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