Best TV Shows of All Time – Top 20 TV Shows of All Time

From TV shows such as the breaking bad to the game of thrones, what really are the Best TV shows of all time?

Best TV Shows of All Time

Best TV Shows of All Time

To get to know what the Best TV shows of all time are, you will need to stick around long enough to find out on this post. I have put together a list of some of the best TV shows of all time and this is all-inclusive of everything from iconic British sitcoms to epic American sagas. And guess what? You will all find it here. With that being said, you will find the 20 best TV shows of all time below;

The Sopranos

This is an American crime drama TV series that is focused on the life of a new-jersey-based Italian American mobster, tony soprano as he tries to steer his criminal organization and at the same time maintain his family life altogether. The series premiered on HBO on January 10, 1999. It ran for six seasons totaling 86 episodes in general. It has 21 primetime Emmy awards and five golden globes awards to its name.

The Wire

This is another American crime drama series. The wire comprises 5 seasons and 60 episodes in total. The movie follows the Baltimore drug scene from the perspective of both the drug dealers and law enforcement. The series has many awards to its name and this is including a director’s guild of America award, a TCA Heritage award, and writer’s guild of America award for television: dramatic series and so many more.

Breaking Bad

This American neo-western crime drama series is made up of 5 seasons and 62 episodes and it follows the life of Walter White who is a depressed high school chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine drug dealer in the hopes of financially securing the future of his family after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Game of Thrones

As you should have known already, the game of thrones is one of the most successful American fantasy drama series of all time. The series is an adaptation of a song of ice and fire by George R.R martin’s series of fantasy novels and it has many different plots and story arcs.

The series is praised by critics for its complex characters, acting, storytelling, production values, and scope. The series also received the highest number of primetime Emmy awards by any drama series having a total of 58 to its name.

Mad Men

This is yet another American period drama series. The series follows the life of don draper who is a creative director at Sterling Cooper, an advertising agency on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York City. The series also tracks the lives of his friends and professional colleagues throughout the 1960s.

The Twilight Zone

The twilight zone is an American anthology TV series that ran from 1959 to 1964 on CBS. And in each of the episodes, the characters find themselves dealing with disturbing events which generally are described as entering the twilight zone.

You should also know that the ending of each episode has a surprise to it and a moral. And the phrase ‘twilight zone’ is inspired by the series. The series ran across 5 seasons spanning 156 episodes. It won a golden globe award in 1963 and also a primetime Emmy award both in 1960 and 1961.

The Simpsons

This American animated sitcom shows working-class life in the fictional town of Springfield and the story follows the Simpsons family and mimics the typical American society and culture. The animation series debuted on December 17, 1989, and have ever since then broadcasted 684 episodes and in the process made it the longest-running American sitcom of all time.


This is yet another American sitcom television series and it debuted on July 5th, 1989 on NBC. The series ran for nine seasons and a total of 180 episodes. The series ended in May 1998. Also, the series is a fictional version of jerry Seinfeld who is one of the creators of the show and it follows his own personal life as he lives and navigates in manhattans upper west side.


Lost is an American drama TV series. The series comprises 121 episodes across six seasons. Also, the series follows a group of survivors that are stranded on a rather mysterious south pacific island after experiencing a plane crash.

The series contains both elements of the supernatural and science fiction. The show is praised by critics as one of the best TV series of all time and has also won many industry awards such as the golden globe and a British academy award.

Saturday Night Live

Saturday night live is an American TV show that sees a popular guest host perform several sketches and parodies that are created by the cast to a live audience. The show premiered on October 11, 1975, on NBC.  It ran for 889 episodes over 45 seasons and in the process made it one of the longest-running TV shows in history.

These are the top ten greatest TV shows of all time. The remaining ten that make up the list include;

  • The office
  • Star Trek: the original series
  • Doctor who
  • The west wing
  • Twin peaks
  • Boardwalk empire
  • All in the family
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • South park
  • Faulty towers

These are the other TV series that make up the list of the best TV shows of all time.


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