10 Best Skills to Put on a Resume that Employers will Love

Have you been rejected severally for a job application? How do you make your resume stand out amongst applications for an interview? Check out these 10 best skills to put on a resume that employers will love.10 Best Skills to Put on a Resume that Employers will Love

10 Best Skills to Put on a Resume that Employers will Love

The uniqueness in most resumes is the addition of desirable skills that are vital to every employer regardless the job description. This is the reason why some are selected while others are turned down. If you want to ace up in your next job application you’ll have to rewrite your resume including key skills needed. These skills are:

Leadership Skills 

This is one skill if found missing in your resume, you’re likely  to keep searching for a job over a long period of time. Every employer craves to have leaders as workers. As an employee with leadership skills, it means you’ve handled a small unit successfully, attended leadership seminars, hosted certain programs and carried out responsibilities.

Pen down all of these experiences in your resume and you stand to secure that position in the company.

Communication Skills 

As an employee, you ought to possess this skill as it is one of the necessity to getting employed. In a company, school, etc you’ll meet and work with diverse persons from various tribes, families and beliefs, etc. Without this skill, you would struggle with your team, coworkers, head of departments and employers.

Writing Skills

Pending on the company you seek to apply in, this skill is a necessity especially to a marketing company, writing industry, tech companies, media company, entertainment industry, etc. Your resume should also be a testimony to your communication skills, readable and detailed!

Problem Loving Skills

Not everyone is graced with this skill hence employers tend to hold back employees and intending employees with this skill. This is an ability to curb dangers, solve work issues, come up with great ideas to avoid havoc, etc. It is an indication of your adaptability, critical thinking, Bold and resilient. If this is found in your resume, that job has become yours!

Time Management Skills 

Oh! Another great skill you should put on your resume. As an employee, your ability to manage and work with the designated time shows how excellent you are. Your employer seeing this skill becomes more confident and assured in you and your ability.

He’ll be able to place timely decisions and operation under your watch with an assurance of your productivity within the time frame.

Team Work

Most employees are one-man squad. They are unable to work with a group of persons for a particular project. Overtime employers have noticed this lapses in some employees hence, it becomes a demand when reviewing any resume, to check out for this particular skill. Listing out how you utilised this skill in your previous company is a top notch to the interviewer.

Customer Service Skills

Most persons are unable to interact with all sort of customers hence this is a skill for few persons. If you plan on working in a business area, NGO foundations, health sector, etc you should be able to manage this skill better. It is quite not an easy task dealing with customers from different beliefs thus, learn this skill in you before applying for the next call center job, community service jobs, etc.

Web Development Skills

Most companies and job offers are majorly for website developers, programmers, etc. Are you planning on applying for one because of the pay or are you already skilled in web development? Ensure you put it in your resume with additional knowledge backing up this skill as you stand a chance of securing an offer.

Computer Skills

We’re arriving to a point where we’ll need computer in all companies either small scale or large scale. Our world has in no doubt adapted to digitalisation so applying for a job requires the basis knowledge of computer. There are so many opportunities for computer literate more in the world and only those who possess this skill and has gained mastery, will be benefit from it.

Project Management Skills

This has become one major skill most employers are looking out for. Not all employees posses this skill, and it is detrimental especially to companies who hosts various projects, seminars, etc monthly. They’ll require talented and skilled employees to super head those mini groups. Before your next job application, take up courses for this skill, watch videos, talk to mentors in this field, etc.


What makes a great leader?

Not every leader is great at the end of the day. There are few qualities that distinguish one from the rest. These are;

  • Competence
  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Self-awareness
  • Courage
  • Teachable, etc.

A person who claims to be a leader and doesn’t possess these is only but a leader to himself alone. You cannot lead an audience without any of these qualities.

How do you identify a leader?

Leaders are not hard to identify in classes, workplace, church at home, etc. A leader motivates others to success, are humble, communicate and listen well, engaged with their work, sees failure as an opportunity, own responsibilities, learn from others, etc.

If you have 70% of this in you then you are a leader. Start now to read necessary books and engage in positive meetings.

What skills do most people lack?

Identify those skills lacked by others and begin now to learn. Skills like;

  • Public speaking
  • Writing proficiency
  • Data analysis
  • Communication
  • Leadership

If you’re able to build yourself in the areas listed above, there’s no job interview you won’t be called to work.

How do I find my natural skills?

A lot of persons are living their life with no clue about their inner self and their skills. To find your natural skid;

  • Take a personality test
  • Ask your close friends of your best and worse personality
  • Find what you spend your money on most attimes
  • Identify what makes you feel strong
  • Write in a journal
  • Take stock of your movie/book/celebration, etc.

This will guide you to finding your natural skills.

How do you describe yourself in one sentence?

These Employers and interviewers could be funny at times to ask you question that are simple but analytical. When asked a question in this regard, ensure you maintain a position of confidence and speak calmly, “ I am a hard working and self driven individual who is unafraid to face any challenge”. This is a guide on how to answer questions like this and related ones.



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