Best MFA Creative Writing Programs – Is Hollins MFA Creative Writing Fully Funded?

What is the best MFA Creative Writing Programs? MFA stands for master of fine arts. It is all about a creative writing program that lasts for three years, an intensive studio arts terminal degree.

Best MFA Creative Writing Programs
Best MFA Creative Writing Programs

It comes with a strong global emphasis and needs the writing of a book-length creative proposition in either fiction, poetry, or literary nonfiction. Read on to explore.

Best MFA Creative Writing Programs

This article contains the best MFA creative program globally and where you can get them from. If you are a writer, this article is a must-read option for you.

However, the schools for creative writing are affordable and can be accessed online from the comfort of your home with your smartphone. They are available in the United States, New York, Europe, Canada, and the world.

Who is a Creative Writer?

Those professionals that write for different print and online publications are known as creative writers. These people are highly paid, so it is good for you to apply to any of the listed universities for creative writing.

However, the person writes interesting and entertaining articles, essays, stories, or poems for books, magazines, websites, and scripts.

What can I do with a Creative Writing Degree?

There are a lot of things you can do with a creative degree even with an associate degree in creative writing. As a creative writer, you can go into the following:

  • Writer
  • Creative director
  • Web content manager
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Advertising copywriter
  • Digital Copywriter
  • Academic librarian
  • Marketing Executive
  • Schoolteacher
  • Social medial manager
  • Public relations officer
  • Firm director

These are all jobs for those who have a creative writing degree.

Best Creative Writing Schools

Let’s go straight to the main article. There are several MFA creative writing programs, below are the best MFA creative writing you can apply to right now:

University Of Oregon

This school offers one of the best MFA creative writing programs. They offer a 2-year residency program where students focus on either fiction or poetry.

Plus, the program comprises six workshops, four craft seminars, and three reading tutorials. In the second year, all the candidates must pass formal extermination.

The application requirement includes personal particulars, recommendation letters, qualifications, and 14 pages of poems.

University of Michigan

This university is a public research university in Ann Arbor, it was founded in 1817. It is one of the best accounting schools in the world with an acceptance rate of 29%. They offer MFA creative writing program.

However, to get admission into one of the best MFA creative writing programs in 2023 at Michigan University, you need to fill out an online application form.

University Of Minnesota

The MFA program in creative writing is for students who intend to balance the development of personal creative talent and the general study of literature and linguistics.

However, the three-year program is one of the world’s best MFA creative writing programs.

University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is the best option for the best MFA creative writing programs in 2023. This school offers top-notch lecturing services focused on exploring and leveraging creative writing.

However, you will need to bring a BSc degree and a statement of purpose, an application for graduate awards, and more.

Best MFA Creative Writing Programs in New York

Cornell University

The Cornell school offers the best MFA creative writing programs. To get admission into one of the best MFA creative writing in 2023 at Cornell university, you need to fill out an online application form.

Additionally, you will need to attach the 3 letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and precious study transcripts on the online application form.

New York University

New York University offers an MFA in creative writing program that lets students focus more on their writing and pick from a more comprehensive selection.

Plus, they offer courses that will enable students to develop their unique writing skills.

New School

Have you heard of a new school or university? The school offers the best MFA creative writing program. They teach their students how to harness their skills and become the daring voice of a new generation.

However, students can choose a concentration in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or writing for children and young Adults.

Best MFA Creative Writing Programs in Canada

University of British Columbia

If you are in Canada and aim to study MFA creative writing, British Columbia is the right option.  The MHA in creative writing was the first writing program in Canada, and they are doing a great job training their students.

Plus, they have 1 professor and an additional nine permanent instructors. They also regularly bring in a wide variety of writers in residence and adjunct instructions from the general writing community.

Humber College

There is Humber College which is another option for Canada’s best MFA creative writing programs.

However, they offer online training in fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. They help students improve their writing skills from the comfort of their homes.

University Of Regina

The University of Regina is another option for Canada’s best MFA Creative Writing program.

They offer a non-terminal degree, which implies that students can choose to obtain a studio-based MFA in Creative Writing or go for a PhD in Creative Writing.


How Do I Choose an MFA Creative Writing Program?

Investigate what programs are specialized in or are known for. Decide if prestige matters to you, go to an AWP conference, talk to graduates of the program you are interested in. decide if you need an MFA writing program after all.

What Jobs Can I Get with An MFA In Creative Writing?

jobs directly related to your degree include advertising copywriter, arts administrator, creative director, digital copywriter, and more.

How Hard Is It to Get into A Creative Writing MFA?

It’s hard to get into an MFA program. MFA programs prefer to take people who have been out of school for a while, have proved they will continue to write outside of school on their own, and perhaps even have a publication or two or have done some work in the writing/literary community.

Is Hollins MFA Creative Writing Fully Funded?

This extremely well-funded two-year creative writing M.F.A. program, whose home is the Jackson Center for Creative Writing, emphasizes an individualized approach.

How Long Does It Take to Get an MFA In Creative Writing?

Creative writing degrees typically take two years or 36 credits. However, some schools follow a three-year curriculum



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