Best Massage Tables 2023 – Get the Best Deals at Amazon

As a massage therapist, you need the best massage tables for 2023. Massage offers a lot of benefits to your health; it helps reduce stress and increase relaxation.

Best Massage Tables 2023

No matter the type of massage table you are looking for, either at home or in a massage therapy business, there are a variety of options on the market to choose from.

Best Massage Tables 2023

No matter where it is used, people choose to get massages for a range of reasons. “Massages can help increase blood flow and recovery to muscles after you work out,” said Karah Faison.

However, we have done the research and picked out table massages that are easy to set up, adjustable, comfortable, and valued well. Scroll down and make your choice from our top picks.

Best Amazing & Portable Massage Tables to Buy Right Now

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table LUNA

This is one of the best tables for massage and it has a soft, firm feel and easy-to-clean leather-like material that does not stick to the skin. According to Dreon, “it is easily adjusted, super lightweight, perfect size for all bodies, and comfortable for both client and therapist.

Plus, it is great for portable use and comes with a 2.5-minute setup. It is easy to adjust and also easy to carry around because it is lightweight.


Best HeatedEarthlite Sports Therapy Table with Vibration and Heat

This is an adjustable therapy table with adjustable vibration and heat features. It helps to warm your muscle as your therapist works them.  However, it comes with 6 intensity levels, 6 frequencies, and 3 vibration modes. These can be used to create an array of customized therapy treatments. Can be used alone or to supplement traditional sports massage and physical therapy for maximum effect. Lightweight, compact, and portable. Designed for professional and home use.


Best for Home Massage – Luxton Home Premium Massage Table

For anyone who is in search of a high-quality at-home massage table at a relatively fair price, Luxton Home’s massage is a great choice. Very comfortable and also come with an armrest and storage pocket. The memory foam massage table is built with knobs on each leg for adjustable height. It can be adjusted by turning off the knobs on the leg and taking out the movable leg to adjust the height. Plus, it can be used for short people as it comes with a face hole in the middle.


Best Portable: EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table HARMONY DX

This portable massage table offers the benefits of a sturdy stationary table.  If you are the traveling type, you need a portable ad easy to carry table and this earthlite is cool to consider. This table features a sustainably sourced frame, and adjustable height, and comes with a carrying case for easy traveling.


Best Stable: Sierra Comfort All-Inclusive Portable Massage Table

For anyone considering a baseline portable massage table, this one is a must-have. Sierra can be a comfortable table and is incredibly sturdy, thanks to its unique safety bars. It has bars which are a great addition to the table, but they did not add time to the setup. This table is a safe, reliable, practical, and affordable product.


Yaheetech Massage Table Portable Lash Bed Massage

For those beginners, this massage table is best as it can eventually be upgraded to something more comfortable, versatile, and durable. The setup was lengthy but relatively intuitive. The table is comfortable and offers great support during usage. It is easy to set up and close and you don’t need a tool at all. Once you open the bag you will see the bed legs inside as well as other accessories.


EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table Package AVALON

The Avalon is beautiful, professional & commercial grade. Comes with thicker cushioning, a premium Flex-Rest self-adjusting face cradle, a premium Strata memory foam cushion, and a carry case. It comes with lots of features to enjoy and it comes with its high-end strata memory pillow intensely reduces sinus pressure typically felt during the massage.


What to Look for in a Massage Table

There are some things to check out when shopping for massage tables, they include:


As a therapist, high adjustability is one of the features to consider. Choose a massage table that can be adjusted to accommodate the therapist’s height so that they can exert sufficient influence to administer a restorative massage.

Setup & clean up

You need to consider easy setup and clean up. don’t go buy something that will stress you. go for a table that has all of the necessary equipment like headrests, wipes, and sheets on hand and is ready to go.


Most tables are used for personal massage, esthetic, sports, or chiropractic and osteoarthritis usage. So, it is important you know the usage of the table before buying it.


Naturally, tables are made with aluminum, wood, high-density foam, and vinyl. So, it is good the frame of the table is sturdy and also the top need to be comfortable as possible. So, make sure the top material is soft and comfortable so that people won’t experience more strain when getting a massage.


The majority of massage tables have dimensions between 24 and 34 inches in height. Most massage tables start around 73 inches in length, but some may stretch to over 80 inches, which is perfect for taller clients. So, the size is very vital for storage, portability, and use.


Portable tables can nevertheless provide a delightful practice with additional advantages, even though permanent tables are frequently more reliable and solid. You should decide if you’ll need to relocate your table frequently or if it will be in one location for a long time. A foldable table could be an excellent option if portability is important.


What Size Sheets Are Required for A Massage Table?

Naturally, it is optional to purchase massage sheet sets for the table. Twin-size sheets work great. However, investing in a massage table sheet set will provide a snug fit that is meant for all parts of the table.

How High Should the Massage Table Be?

A lot of tables feature an adjustable height which lets for easy access on and off the bed. Furthermore, the height depends on the preference of the masseuse and the needs of their client.

What Can I Use to Clean My Massage Table?

Massage table sheets are changed and cleaned between clients. But it is wise to clean the actual massage table regularly as well. However, most of the tables come with instructions, so don’t buy use fabric that can damage the cloth when cleaning it.

What Is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage includes firmer strokers and pressure to offer therapeutic benefits and relief to the muscles. According to Karah, “Deep tissue massages help target problem areas of congestion in the muscles,”.

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