Top 9 Best Laptop Brands In 2023

In this article, we will list out the top 9 best Laptop brands available in 2023. Laptops are essential devices in everyday life due to their portable sizes, processing speed and excellent battery life. Many manufactures are working hard in order to provide laptops with the best performance and features.

Best Laptop Brands in 2023

Top 9 Best Laptop Brands

There are many laptop brands available and they are all unique in their own in terms of features and performance. We carried out research based on user review, company reputation, customer services support, product durability and performance to determine the top 9 best laptop brands available. This brands include;

  • Apple
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • MSI
  • Razer
  • Samsung


Apple Inc., is a technology company founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak. Apple is a premium brand when it comes to the production of smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets. Apple tops the list when it comes to qualities like customer support, user friendly, design and performance. Their laptops are among the nicest items to flaunt due to the illuminated apple logo which can be found on them, making them attractive.

Apple laptops come equipped with their own pre-installed operating system known as the Mac OS. The Mac OS is error-free and easy to use. Apple offers the best customer service to their users and beside their physical stores location, apple provides a free 24/7 support over telephone calls, which is free for a period of 90 days. Additionally, a live chat support is also available. So, you should consider buying an Apple laptop if you like good design and amazing specs.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Impressive looks and design
  • Fantastic display
  • Great customer support
  • Fast and responsive performance


HP also known as Hewlett-Packard is one of the oldest and largest electronics companies. The company manufactures Desktop and laptops of different models and types with budget-friendly prices. The brand is well trusted and widely accepted. HP is a leading laptop manufacturing companies known for making the best laptops for students, gamers and professionals.

When it comes to different laptop ranges, HP offers fanless laptops, gaming gadgets, detachable 2-in-1s etc. their devices excel in high performance. HP has high-end laptops series like Omen, Spectre and ZBook which comes with some of the best features and offers great value for money. Other notable series from HP include Pavilion, ProBook, Chromebook etc. if you are looking for a brand with reliable hardware and features, you should try HP.


  • Device warranty of up to 3 years
  • Holds around 20% market share for laptop worldwide
  • Laptops available in different budget range
  • Slimmest possible convertible laptops
  • AMOLED screens on high-end devices


Dell is one of the top brands in the computer market today. In 2019, the brand was ranked 34 on the Fortune 500 list. this The company offers a broad selection of high-quality devices. The Dell brand ranks high when it comes to their support, design, fair prices, and durability. That’s why their products are good picks for people who want a laptop with a good lifespan.

Most Dell laptops are budget-friendly; their design and hardware may be simple and straight-forward, but they are powerful. Dell produces laptops for everyone and for different purposes. They have laptops for business, editing, and gaming purposes.


  • Decent battery life
  • Great screen to display ratio
  • Wide range of products
  • Quick customer support


Lenovo is a computer manufacturing company established in 1984. The company boasts an extensive selection of products. The brand owns about 25% of the global PC market, and they generate about $45 billion in revenue each year. Lenovo has been manufacturing electronics such as laptops, desktops, tablets, monitors, and projectors. They offer nice features in terms of graphics, keyboard, display, and audio quality.

Lenovo laptops are perfect for all kinds of work, from home to office use. Lenovo’s prices are slightly higher than the prices of other manufacturers, who also offer almost the same specifications, making them one of the most expensive laptop brands available. Lenovo cares about their customers, and they offer an excellent customer support system, which can be accessed online or at dedicated service centers across the globe. They also offer affordable warranty extensions on selected devices.


  • Offers wide range of laptops in terms of features and design
  • Global market shares of about 25%
  • Prompt customer support service
  • Well connected network of accessible service centers


Acer is a Taiwanese computer-manufacturer established in 1976. When it comes to laptop sales, the company holds about 5.7% in the global market share. Acer offers a large array of products at all price levels ranging from high-end to budget-friendly PCs. As expected, all Acer laptops offer a decent batter life.

Acer is known as one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world, their products are popular among budget users. Beside the wide range of gadgets, they offer, the also offer a decent customer support service to their customers. You can access this services via telephone calls, email and live chat.


  • Wide range of products to select from
  • Low priced products with great technology
  • Global market shares of 5.7%
  • Special series for high-end gaming


Asus is a computer, phone hardware and electronics manufacturing company established in 1989. Asus manufactures their own motherboards and their laptops are famous for being affordable compared to other brands. Asus boast of plenty of performance even with their entry-level chromebooks which are often regarded as the best inexpensive computing devices.

The Asus ZenBook range has many high performing features thereby showcasing the company design excellence in terms of innovation and looks. Asus offers after sales services to buyers. You can access their technical team via emails, live chat, phone calls and other platforms. However, they have dedicated service centers which you can take your device to.


  • Large array of products
  • Affordable gadgets
  • Specific series for high-end professional gaming.
  • Global market of 7%


MSI is one of the best laptop manufactures known for making the best high-end gaming laptops. MSI products are mainly devoted to gamming innovations. Its development focuses on notebook Pcs, desktop Pcs, motherboards and graphic cards. Though, their products are very expensive, but they come with great quality. Most of their notebooks are equipped with high-end graphic cards and powerful hardware.  In terms of their customer service, they need to improve on that and they should consider offering 24/7 support to their customers. They are one of the best laptop brands available and they keep on developing gadgets and technologies appealing to gamers.


  • Massive processing power
  • Excellent build quality
  • Wide range of products


Razer is best known for their gaming laptops and gadgets. The company has expanded and they now sell a wide range of devices which includes ultrabooks. The Blade series features high performing specs, and is a well-known laptop among gamers. The brands focuses on making gaming laptops with different screen sizes and gadgets for creators and designers.

Razer offers a support community for users to interact with. They also offer technical support in case of extensive issues, which you can connect with through telephone conversations and emails. Razer offers a one-year warranty that covers all manufacturing defects.


  • manufactures some of the best gaming laptops
  • large market presence
  • Powerful gadgets
  • Accessible technical support


Samsung is a top manufacturer when it comes to the production of smartphones, televisions, tablets, refrigerators, air conditioners, and laptops, making them one of the most well-known electronic brands across the world. The company was founded by Lee Byung-Chul in 1938. Samsung offers portable laptops. Their Galaxy series is one of the best portable laptops available. The brand also offers a number of Chromebooks in addition to the wide range of products it offers.


  • Slim Gadgets
  • Amazing display
  • great sets of specifications


Our daily lives revolve around making use of laptops for different tasks, be it communication, creating presentations, working, or even studying. It is best to consider a laptop company’s reputation before purchasing their products.

The brands mentioned in this article have been big names in terms of innovation and technology. You should also consider reading about factors to consider when buying a laptop so as not to make mistakes when shopping for a laptop, especially for the first time.

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