Battlefield 6 Battles’ On PS5 and Xbox Series X

In this article, we will be discussing the availability of Battlefield 6 Battles’ On PS5 And Xbox Series X. The game Battlefield 6 may feel a long way ahead of release, but it should be worth waiting for.

Battlefield 6 has already been confirmed for its launch this 2021 for both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. There are already released behind-the-scenes footage of this game Battlefield 6. And it is an action war game and there are amazing reasons to expect this game.

Battlefield 6 Battles’ On PS5 and Xbox Series X

Battlefield 6 Battles’ On PS5 and Xbox Series X

Much like Call of Duty, there’s always a back and forth over the direction and setting of every title. With some players preferring a more military-focused game. While others would really like to ascertain a more modern, futuristic depiction.

For those within the more traditional camp, Wilson has said subsequent Battlefield game will “mark a return to all-out military warfare”, which should please the purists.

The Battlefield 6 Release Date

In a statement made to IGN earlier this year, Electronic Arts confirmed that DICE “is focused on the longer-term of Battlefield. That we’ll be bringing to players in 2021″, revealing its plans to launch Battlefield 6.

Battlefield 6 Will Launch on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC

In a follow-up statement to GameSpot, EA also stated that Battlefield 6 is going to be “targeting new innovation. That will be enabled by next-gen platforms”, confirming previous assumptions that the sport will run on PS5 and Xbox Series X, additionally to PC.

What’s less clear is whether or not Battlefield 6 also can be expected to release on current-gen consoles, the PS4 and Xbox. One, additionally to their successors, as DICE’s decision to exploit the hardware of Microsoft and Sony’s incoming platforms, suggests it’s going to forgo a cross-gen release entirely.

For reference, Battlefield 4 was a launch title for PS4 and Xbox One in 2013 but also released on PS3 and Xbox 360. While EA has already revealed plans to permit users to upgrade their games from current-gen to next-gen versions for free of charge. So, there’s still hope yet for those that aren’t making the jump to PS5 or Xbox series X anytime soon.

The First Battlefield 6 Trailer Promises a Real Next-gen Battlefield

Battlefield 6 got a quick mention at Electronic Arts’ EA Play event earlier this year. Where the publisher’s chief studios officer Laura Miele promised that DICE is “creating epic battles at a scale. And fidelity, unlike anything you’ve experienced before” in its next iteration of the Battlefield franchise.

The promise also came with pre-alpha snippets of “work in progress” footage, showing Battlefield 6’s new facial animation tech in action. Alongside a sneak peek at many soldiers running into battle.

It suggests the sport is going to be utilizing the next-gen tech to boost the stakes like never before. Though nothing was revealed of its setting or story.

The Battlefield 6 Setting Remains a Mystery

Given the large popularity of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a return to a present-day setting seems plausible. Though less explored territories like Vietnam or the Yugoslav Wars are potential options too.

DICE has expressed a tepid interest in returning thereto backdrop within the future. And a few rumors have suggested it’s indeed performing on a full-blown sequel for next-gen consoles.

Battlefield 6 Gameplay Won’t Be Revealed Anytime Soon

Given it’s scheduled for 2021, we likely won’t be hearing or seeing anything of Battlefield 6 within the near future. DICE tends to launch its marketing campaign for every new Battlefield title just a couple of months before release day. So, don’t expect a full blowout of footage.


Still, with a general timeline already revealed, it’s good to understand that the Battlefield franchise is way from running on life support. After the middling reception to Battlefield 5.

Fingers crossed that DICE can redeem a number of the lost trust amongst the community and provides us a Battlefield game to recollect.

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