Battlefield 2042’s Portal Platform – Battlefield Portal New Component

Battlefield 2042’s Portal Platform. As of last month, a rumor came which claimed that one of Battlefield 2042’s unrevealed modes was actually a sandbox mode that would enable the players to combine different battlefield eras. Today at EA Play Live, EA and Ripple Effect – the new name for DICE LA – revealed exactly that. The new model is called Battlefield portal, and it would be described as “a love letter to their fans and content creators.”

Battlefield 2042’s Portal Platform

Battlefield 2042’s Portal Platform

EA and Ripple Effect happen to have published a very lengthy blog post to the battlefield website with details on the battlefield portal. but the short and sweet of it is that the Battlefield portal happens to be a mode that will allow you to customize a lot of things about to match. For example, you get to pit different factions right against themselves, customizing their weapons and vehicles. You also get to change movement settings and remove things like going prone or aiming down sights.

Battlefield Portal New Component

The Battlefield portal will pull components right from three different games that come from the franchise’s Past:

  • Battlefield 1942
  • The Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and
  • Battlefield 3.

To add to these three classic games, you would have the content right Battlefield 2042 available to you in Battlefield Portal. The players would also get to create “experiences” using components from all four games that other players would get to join. When creating those experiencing, players would get to run either custom matches or make use of preset modes more like conquest, rush, or Deathmatch.

You would also be able to follow creators you like and hop straight into their games when they happen to be hosting them. while the creators would have some admin tools available to them that allow them to ban usernames throughout all the experiences that they create. Ripple Effect even stated that it would feature lots of popular experiences in the official playlists. So if you do happen to create a good one, it might just end up in tons of eyes.

visual scripting logic On Battlefield 2042

For all those that happen to possess great experience with visual scripting logic, there would even be a Logic Editor that they get to use. This would allow more granular changes that the settings menu cannot help you accomplish on its own. So, for all those that are looking forward to controlling over what would be taking place in their custom game modes, it sounds more like they’ll have the tools to get there.

Battlefield 2042 New Features

Ripple Effect stated that six fully reimagined maps would be launching along with Battlefield Portal. From battlefield 1942, we’ll see the battle of the Bulge and El Alamein. The two major maps from the battlefield: bad company 2 are Arica Harbor and Valparaiso, while finally, we would see Caspian Border and Noshahr Canals from battlefield 3.

To add, the ripple effect would be bringing back various weapons, vehicles, gear, and soldiers from those games. Including the M1 Garand, the M416, the B17 Bomber, and the Spitfire.

While EA and Ripple Effect have recently confirmed tons of details about battlefield Portal today, still more are on their way. The two companies stated that details would be made available later. For now, hit the link above for you to be able to read everything that has been revealed so far. We would allow you to know when more details are announced, so stay tuned for that.


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