Battery Level of the Samsung XR Headset Reportedly Leaked

The battery level of the Samsung XR headset reportedly leaked, and although it’s not much, its however something to go with it.

Battery Level of the Samsung XR Headset Reportedly Leaked

Battery Level of the Samsung XR Headset Reportedly Leaked

If you got to watch Samsung Unpacked 2023 event earlier, then you will know that the company just announced a new initiative in the field of Extended Reality or popularly known as XR. What we didn’t get to know during the announcement are the details of any actual physical product which is where a new leak is now coming in.

And just as seen by GalaxyClub, a battery that has just passed through South Korean regulatory certification matches directly with a particular model number that has been tied with an upcoming Samsung device in the previous year by the rumor mill.

The device in question with model number SM-I120 was thought to be some type of AR/VR wearable. And when you add that in the announcement at Samsung Unpacked and the appearance of the battery module, it looks like this hardware product is upon us.

Other Notable Information about the Leaked Battery Specs

We really cannot garner much information from this very battery leak, we really do not know the capacity, for instance, but it however points to a standalone device that can independently work without a connection to a computer or even a smartphone.

And with that being said, that makes it very different from the Samsung Gear VR series which are devices that you will have to slot a phone into. We can however expect a clean break from the VR hardware that has been pushed out by Samsung in the past.

This Might Not Be the Product That Samsung Was Referring To At the Unpacked Event

It is worth remembering that this might not be the product that Samsung was referring to at Unpacked which is in partnership with Qualcomm and Google which in fact might just be a prototype. But this is however an interesting look out into what is coming in the future.


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