How to Make Brass Pro Credit Card Payment Online

Have you heard of the Bass Pro Credit Card Payment? If you are a lover of outdoor activities like fishing and hunting, then Bass Pro is the right store to get all your necessary outdoor recreational merchandise. This is because they deal in different equipment meant for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hunting, and so on.

Bass Pro Credit Card Payment
Bass Pro Credit Card Payment

Also, they have a credit card that comes with great benefits for the card users. This credit card guarantees secure and reliable payment for outdoor items purchased at Bass Pro shops.

About Bass Pro Credit Card

Bass Pro credit card is a financial product that is issued by Capital One and published by Bank of America. This card has great benefits for its users, one of which is the interest rate of 2%, and it is among the lowest in the market. However, this percentage may differ depending on the store where you purchase items from. The card also guarantees 2% cash back at stores like Cenex, Cabela, and Bass Pro shops, also the card does not have any annual fees.

How to Make Brass Pro Credit Card Payment

Bass Pro credit card offers different payment options. You can pay your bill online, through your mobile phone or the app. Also, you can make automatic payments so you do miss your payment date.

Online Payment

Here is a guide on how you can make payments online.

  • Log in to the Bass Pro credit card website.
  • Then log in to your account.
  • Next, locate the transaction section of your account dashboard.
  • Tap the pay card bill button.
  • Next, fill out the required card billing details
  • Then tap the confirm transaction button.

Mobile Phone Payment

To make payment through your mobile phone, follow the process below.

  • First, you get your card, then call the number on the back of the card.
  • Next, you will have to call out your 16-digit card number, when prompted.
  • You will also have to follow the prompts to pay your bill by phone.
  • You will also need to provide information like your social security number or your date of birth.

Mail Payment

To pay your Bass Pro credit card payment through the mail, follow the guide below.

  • You need to get your credit card statement and a pen.
  • Then locate the address for payment on your statement.
  • Next, write out your account number on the check.
  • If you have a payment slip, you have to add it. But if not, write Bass Pro credit card payment.
  • Send your payment to the mail address on its page, and wait for it to get processed.

Mobile App Payment

To get the Bass Pro credit card app, click on this link to download it. After downloading the app, follow the steps below.

  • Open the mobile app.
  • Then log in with your Bass Pro credit card account details.
  • Locate ‘pay my card bill’.
  • Fill in the required information.
  • Then tap the confirm button.

How to Avoid Brass Pro Late Payment Fees

If you do not want to pay the fees attached to making your payment late, then you should pay heed to the information below on how to avoid late fee payments.

  • You need to make your payments on time every month to avoid late fees. The due date for a Bass Pro credit card is usually 21 days after the end of each billing cycle. But if you make a late payment, you will be charged a fee of $40.
  • If you are in a situation where you cannot make your payment on time, ensure you contact Bass Pro credit card customer service and explain the issue to them.
  • To avoid late fees, you have to pay your balance in full within the grace period of 25 days.

Benefits of Brass Pro Credit card

What are the benefits that Brass Pro credit card users will enjoy by making use of this card? To know the benefits of using this card, slide down this page.

  • The brass credit card does not have an annual fee so you do not have to pay any extra fee because of the credit card.
  • This card can be used anywhere where MasterCard is used because Capital One Bank is registered with the MasterCard network.
  • On any of your purchases, you earn 2-5% back at Bass Pro.
  • You get access to members-only sales discounts, giveaways, promotions and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bass Pro Credit Card Payment

Where Can I Use My Bass Credit Card?

The Bass Pro credit card is a MasterCard so it can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Which Bank Issues Bass Pro Credit Card?

This card is issued by Capital One and they also provide an online service where users can manage their spending.

What Is the Interest Rate for A Bass Pro Credit Card?

The Annual Percentage Rate for purchases is 9.99% for all Bass Pro and Cabela’s purchases. While the APR on your other purchases and transfers is 15.24%, 18.24% or 26.99%. and the cash advance APR is 26.99%.



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