AWS CEO Urges Users to Embrace Cloud

AWS CEO urges users to embrace the cloud to save their resources, money, and even possibly the world at large too as he has claimed that there are even many more reasons to want to embrace the cloud.

AWS CEO Urges Users to Embrace Cloud

AWS CEO Urges Users to Embrace Cloud

The CEO of amazon web services has appealed to businesses all over the world in a bid ot strengthen the status of the cloud even more.

While speaking at the opening keynote of the company’s AWS re:Invent 2022 event which was held in Las Vegas, the CEO, Adam Selipsky highlighted just how the utilization of the cloud can be key and useful for companies and businesses that are worried about their current and future economic situation.

“When it comes to the cloud, many of our customers know they should be leaning in,” Adam said. “The cloud is more cost-effective and many customers are saving 30% or more – if you are looking to tighten your belt, the cloud is the place to do it.”

AWS CEO Outlines How AWS Can Be A Key Partner For Enterprises And Businesses

In a wide-ranging keynote that spread from the wideness of space to the depths of the ocean, as well as the world of imagination, the CEO outlines just how AWS can be a key partner for enterprises and businesses on every stage of their cloud journey.

Managing the scale and growth of data is both a huge challenge and opportunity,” he added. “You need a complete set of tools that account for the scale and variety of data. AWS is focused on building up all of these capabilities.”

Selipsky while admitting that working with data is tricky also noted that the world, in general, will be more than double the data produced ever since the dawn of the digital age.

Data is “the cornerstone of almost every organization’s digital transformation,” Selipsky said, with the huge range of databases, analytics and many other tools of the company placed ideally to help companies of various sizes to get the most out of this mountain size of data.

Selipsky elsewhere also talked about issues of sustainability which he termed as “the issue of our generation.”

AWS Has Indicated a Huge Push towards Going Green Recently

AWS has indicated a huge push towards going green in recent times, with the firm announcing re:Invent that is now looking to work on 100% renewable energy by the year 2025 which is a goal that Selipsky says is 85% complete already. The company also is raring and aiming to go “water positive” by the year 2030 as it continues to look to addressing climate change matters, which the CEO notes, “is a problem for all of us.”

“We are determined to be inventive and relentless, as we work to make the cloud the cleanest and the most energy-efficient way to run all of your infrastructure and your business,” Selipsky said.


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