Aweber vs Drip: Which One is Right for your Business

In this article, I will be comparing Aweber vs Drip to figure out the best one you should be using. Aweber is a popular email service provider and it is used by bloggers. It has been surpassed by many ESPs but it is fairly popular today. While drip is like Aweber but it is a newcomer in the email marketing space.

Aweber vs Drip

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The drip is popularly known also for its automation capabilities. The drip company was purchased in the year 2016 lead pages and it is now under their sunshade also. Through the spectrum of eCommerce marketing automation, Aweber leans towards the simple end. While the drip allows you to automate rules and workflows that are triggered by actions in which your customers take in integrated platforms.

Aweber vs Drip – Drip

Drip is used by people extensively for businesses. Drip can allow you to add tags and events with a number of different triggers. It is also possible to visit a page on your website or clicking an email link.

Aweber added tags recently to their platform. Aweber can only be used in a manual way to individuals, subscribers, or as a part of one of the Aweber campaigns.

Features of Drip

  • With the Drip, one-click resends emails to your contacts that did not access your original email.
  • Drip does not charge you for any duplicate subscriber and also unsubscribed people.
  • It can catch the behavior of your website and use these as a trigger for your automation.
  • Ti has the power of adding conditional logic inside emails in order for you to show some content to one set of your subscribers and other content to a different set entirely.

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Aweber vs Drip – Aweber

Aweber has some amazing features. If you are on a budget or if you know that you do not have the need for marketing automation Aweber is perfect.

Features of Aweber

In case you do not know, the Aweber is easy to manage and it features management and tracking are benefits that you can expect from Aweber. Segmentation is another thing you can expect from Aweber.

Aweber Vs Drip Pricing

On the drip, you will get a free plan completely, that is if you have under 100 subscribers. if you are just starting, this is a very good way to try the service. If you have been on a drip for long I am sure you will outgrow this plan. If you take a look at every price point, Aweber is the cheapest but drip will give you 2 months free if only you are willing to pay yearly and monthly.


All these automation can be in segmenting your emails and also providing you with much more targeted messaging to all your subscribers. So many people want to leverage the power of automation in email marketing. Because of this, I would say drip is the winner when it is compared to Aweber. Note that you can do more research at Google.

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