Automatically Sign Out Gmail – Automatically Sign Out Gmail Using a Private Browser

Do you use a lot of Google products like Gmail, YouTube, Google calendar and so on? But the one problem with this is that if you do not log out of your Gmail or Google account then someone else uses your device they can easily have access to your Google life. So you think maybe I can automatically sign out Gmail after some period of time.

Automatically Sign Out Gmail

Automatically Sign Out Gmail

How often do you forget to logout from your Gmail account after using someone else device to log in? Or you use the device of a hotel or someplace and this cannot be ignored because someone else using that device. Now with this, someone can easily see your emails and then your Gmail is now vulnerable to any kind of misuse and hacks.

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Now when you log in to your Gmail account on chrome, your display icon appears on the top right corner of the window this is because when you log into your Gmail on chrome you are automatically logged into your chrome as well and this might be disastrous. But there are different ways to logout your account from all devices together remotely. You will see some methods below.

Automatically Sign Out Gmail Using a Private Browser

Now we will say prevention is better than cure and it is true so why not save your self from getting into this kind of situation in the first place. So, if you want to automatically sign out Gmail use the private browsing mode on your web browser, for instance, you can use incognito mode in chrome, in this mode when you close the window you have automatically sign out Gmail.

Automatically Sign Out Gmail using Auto Logout Chrome Extension

If for an instant you share your computer with a family member or relative it might become difficult to remember to sign out of your account all the time. Now all you need is follow these steps.

  • Open your chrome browser.
  • Click on the webstore.
  • Search for auto-logout.
  • Click on the extension of what you want to add.

The extension will be added to your chrome.

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Logout from All Sessions on Gmail

You have logged into your Gmail in your friend’s device or from your school computer and you have forgotten to logout. Well, you can logout when from all devices when you get home and using your personal device. Google has given you a way to logout from all previous devices.

  • Log into your Gmail using your PC.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see last account activity.
  • Click on details under it.
  • On the window that appears click on sign out all other Gmail web sessions.

This will log you out from all other devices at once. This is the easiest method you can automatically sign out Gmail from other devices.

Google Two-Step Verification

In this method your password is not enough to access your account, your account can only be accessed by using your phone and Google will send a security code to your phone and you can also control which phones get the notification. To set this up follow these steps.

  • On your Gmail account click on your photo icon.
  • Click on the Google account.
  • On the page that appears click on security.
  • Click 2 step verification

Now each time your Gmail account is signed into you get a verification code that requires you to tap a yes button to verify it is you.

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