Associate Android Developer Certification – Details of the Associate Android Developer Certification

Boost your career in mobile app development and be educated on how to develop Android apps with their Android Basics in Kotlin training. With Associate Android developer certification, no programming experience is required. Once you take the Associate Android Developer Certification exam you would acquire recognition for your skills as a developer. You can start today.

What Associate Android Developer Certification offers You

It does not matter if you are learning mobile app development for the first time, or you are looking forward to your career, the associate Android Developer certification will help you in proving your skills to your employers.

The Associate Android Developer certification gets you an Average entry-level salary in android development of $81, 940, while there are 35,900 job openings in the field of Android development. A lot of testimonials of past students have shown that the training is very beneficial to students that want to take part in the program.

Learning Android Development Online Directly from Google

Currents, smartphones, and Mobile apps are now everywhere, and more people make use of phones than laptops or other devices. As an Android developer, you would be given the opportunity to reach out to billions of people in a very meaningful way – through the apps on their smartphones and devices that are connected.

Once you possess the Associate Android Developer certification, you stand a chance to qualify for an in-demand entry-level job in Android development. You would take the self-paced android Basics in Kotlin training, and when you are prepared to take the certification exam to begin your journey as a professional developer.

Details of the Associate Android Developer Certification

  • Students get 100% remote, self-paced online learning
  • 10 hours of study per week over a period of five to six months
  • You would get certification graduates to report a career impact, like getting a new job

Entry-Level Android Basics in kotlin

The android Basics in Kotlin training can teach you the essential steps of developing, testing, and debugging Android apps in Kotlin, and is designed for people with no prior experience in programming. When you are ready, take the associate Android developer certification exam, which is designed to test the skills of your entry-level Android developer.

Training Resources Cover

  • Kotlin basics
  • Layouts
  • Navigation
  • Connecting to the internet

Get started with the training today.

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