Ark of War – Ark of War for Andriod

Ark of War over the years has been one of the best online strategy games that you can play. The game is basically a game of war, and it comes with some of the best features that would really interest you.

Ark of War

If you are a fan of space games and strategy games, then Ark of war is for you. This game would really blow your mind because the features that it comes with are truly amazing and in this article, I would be giving you more on Ark of War.

In Ark of war, everything that has to do with war is what you would get. In the game, you get to organize your fleet, send them to war, defeat the enemy or lose to the enemy depending on how powerful your fleet is. Ark of War has been over the years one of the best battle strategy games that you can get your hands on, and there are lots of online players to challenge while playing the game.

Ark of War

Playing the ark of war is not something that should be a problem for you. At the beginning of the game, you would be guided on what to do until you get to a point that where the game recognizes that you are going to go on your own.  So, the basic point of playing the game is pretty simple:

  • First, enter your country’s guild and vie with players from different parts of the world and become the ruler of the universe.
  • After downloading the game, you would first receive $10 in new players booster while your supplies would last.

Earth is now becoming very populated, and the whole galaxy is transforming into a new battlefield between humans and extraterrestrial civilizations. Although it is governed by the imperial federation Government. The galaxy still remains in upheaval between several powers.

You and other alien creatures would operate your space ark on planet tekkman and you would get to create a fleet large enough to confront the imperial federation Government, battling for more living space and reconstructing the order.

Ark of War Gameplay

The basics of playing ark of war are pretty simple, all you have to do is to follow the steps that I would be stating for you.

Mighty Space Arks

  • First, you need to construct your fortress on mighty space arks
  • Use your Space Ark on the battlefield the way you want to
  • Battle like a carrier, and attack all your enemies while your ark is on the move

Using Galactic Military Power

  • You need to Upgrade your ark that would elevate its power and change its appearance.
  • Collect, equip and evolve terrific human and alien commanders.
  • Build all your armed forces and now consisting of space infantries, spacecraft, and mechs.

MMO Strategic Gameplay

  • You would need to launch a Large-scale and real-time war of alliance between hundreds of arks.
  • Acquire your territories for your alliance with players from all around the world and chat making use of real-time translation.
  • Dominate and then govern a planet and rule over it. make use of it to establish the order of your world.
  • You can sell your equipment and resources with other players online and become a space merchant.

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