Documents You Can Use as Proof of Funds When Applying for a Canada Study Visa

When applying for a study visa to Canada, you are required to fill out an application form, in the form, you will provide your personal information.

Documents You Can Use as Proof of Funds When Applying for a Canada Study Visa
Documents You Can Use as Proof of Funds When Applying for a Canada Study Visa

Aside from the application form, you are also required to provide documents such as your transcript, birth certificate, and other identifying documents.

One document required from you to ensure a smooth visa application process is proof of funds.

This documentation demonstrates your financial capability to cover your expenses while studying in Canada.

You can provide proof of funds in different forms. In this article, we’ll explore 8 things you can use as proof of funds when applying for a Canada study visa.

Documents You Can Use as Proof of Funds When Applying For a Canada Study Visa

Tuition fee payment receipt

You can provide your tuition fee payment receipt. A receipt that proves you’ve paid your tuition fees is a great way to start your proof of funds.

It tells the visa officers that you’ve sorted out your school expenses.

Bank statements

Bank statements are like paper proof that you have enough money. You can provide bank statements from your bank for a few months (usually the last six months) to prove you can sponsor yourself while in Canada.

Guaranteed investment certificate (GIC)

Many financial institutions in Canada offer GICs. It is a special paper that banks in Canada give you when you save a certain amount of money.

It’s like a promise that you have money set aside for your needs. Sometimes you need to have a GIC for your visa.

Scholarship or financial aid letters

If someone is giving you money to help with your studies, get letters from them. If you got a scholarship, show the scholarship letter.

It tells the visa officers that you’re not alone in paying for your studies.

Affidavit of financial support

An affidavit is a legally binding document in which someone, usually a family member or a friend, pledges to financially support you during your studies.

This can be particularly useful if someone else is sponsoring your education. They can sign a paper that says they’ll support you.

You will present the paper with your visa application form.

Letter from a sponsor

If you have a sponsor who will be funding your education and living expenses, they can write a letter to explain. It’s like them saying, “I’ll help you pay for your studies.”

You can submit this letter to the immigration officers as proof of funds.

Proof of income from employment

If you’re currently employed, you can provide papers that show how much you earn, your employment contracts, or employer letters.

This shows your ability to sustain yourself while studying.

Property valuations and deeds

You can also use property valuations and deeds as supplementary proof of funds, especially if you own real estate.

These papers say that you own something valuable, and it can help prove you have enough money.


Proving your financial capacity is very important if you are applying for a Canadian student visa.

Canada is a welcoming country but they also want to be sure that you are genuinely coming here to study and providing proof of funds shows you can sponsor yourself while you are here.

These options for proof of funds provide a range of choices to showcase your ability to cover your expenses during your academic journey in Canada.

Before submitting any of the documents as proof of funds, ensure you review the specific requirements outlined by the Canadian immigration authorities and choose the most appropriate documents based on your unique situation.



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