Apple’s iPhone 15 Release Date Narrowed Down To Exact Day

Apple’s iPhone 15 release date was reportedly narrowed down to an exact day by a senior Apple analyst. A resident Apple expert of Bloomberg has made his expert guess on the release date of the very much anticipated release date of the Apple iPhone 15 lineup.

Apple's iPhone 15 Release Date

Apple’s iPhone 15 Release Date

Bloomberg’s resident Apple analyst, Mark Gurman in the early parts of this week, weighed in on recent iPhone 15 release date leaks and rumors by simply predicting that Apple will very much indeed debut its next crop of iPhones in the second full week of the month of September.

And right now, Gurman in a follow-up post to that initial claim has now narrowed his release date prediction to just one day which is Tuesday, September 12. “Signs are increasingly pointing to September 12 as the iPhone 15 event date,” the analyst on X wrote, “but obviously things can still theoretically change.”

We are making use of ‘release date’ in this context to simply mean that the day that Apple gets to hold its annual September launch event, which as you should know is expected to play host to the unveiling of the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max this very year.

Apple Pre-Orders For Its New iPhones

Apple typically opens up pre-orders for its new iPhones just a couple of days after their official announcement, with actual shipping then following around a week later. So, if it is that Gurman’s September 12 prediction rings genuine, then we would expect pre-orders to start for the entire iPhone 15 line on Friday, September 15, with the devices starting to ship on Friday, September 22.

These dates in question of course remain to be speculative for now as Gurman has clarified. But other sources in question have all pointed towards the second full week of the month of September being the release window of the iPhone 15 in recent weeks.

Apple Has Asked Employees to Refrain From Taking Time Off

9to5Mac, for example, just recently reported that Apple has asked employees to refrain from taking time off on a particular Wednesday, September 13 in anticipation of a “major smartphone announcement. September 13 evidently, is not the same date as September 12, but it is pretty much close, thus suggesting that the intelligence that is leaking out of Apple HQ is consistent.

The Most Precise Date for the Release

For our money, Gurman’s date of Tuesday, September 12 prediction is the most likely iPhone 15 release date at this point in time. Usually, Apple opts to host its yearly iPhone launches on a Tuesday, except in weeks that get to coincide with Labor Day Monday in the United States (the iPhone 14 line, for example, made its debut on Wednesday, September 7 in the previous year).

Labor Day is taking place on Monday, September 4 this very year, so there is theoretically no need for Apple to push the launch of its iPhone 15 from Tuesday to Wednesday the following week.

What to Expect Before Apple’s Launch Event

There is, however, still a slight chance that the company holds its September 2023 event on Wednesday, September 6 (that is, two days after Labor Day Monday). That would then be the same calendar day (not date) as the event of last year. But Gurman and co. seem quite adamant that the following week is the much more likely release window.

In any case, we will get to know for sure in a matter of days. Apple as you know usually shares save-the-date invites for its September events a couple of weeks ahead of time, so we are expecting our invite in the post any time from now.



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