Apple Overcomes Manufacturing Issues with Watch 7 Series

Apple Overcomes Manufacturing Issues with Watch 7 Series – finally, apple has overcome the manufacturing issues they had with the watch 7 series with mass production kicking off this month.

Apple Overcomes Manufacturing Issues with Watch 7 Series

It was reported previously that Apple has been having manufacturing issues with its yet-to-be-released smartwatch. And now that they have passed that, mass manufacturing is set to begin in mid-September according to a report from analyst ming-chi Kuo, MacRumors.

Apple Overcomes Manufacturing Issues with Watch 7 Series

The news is just coming after apple gets ready for a major 14th September launch event. The event that will be taking place this fall will be focusing on the latest iPhone models. And the apple watch is also expected to make an appearance. Nikkei and Bloomberg reported late last month that Apple had stopped the production of its latest smartwatch temporarily while its problems are being fixed.

The issues were reported to be related to the revamped design of series 7. The new design is said to consist of flatter edges and displays than what is seen in previous models. The new design however reportedly forced apple to use a new production process that created reliability issues in the test runs early on.

Now that the issues have been reported to be resolved, the shipment of these devices is expected to begin in late September. And according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, however, although the new watch will be announced by Apple next week, some models of the device could come late or in small quantities.

In addition to the flatter displays, the new smartwatch devices are expected to have slightly larger 41mm and 45mm cases in size. This is up from the 40mm and 44mm currently. It will also be bumping the largest displays from 1.78 inches to 1.9 inches diagonally. Also, it is rumored that the watches will have a faster processor and an updated wireless tech.


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