Apple AirTag – Apple AirTag Release Date, Features And Price

The Apple AirTag, perhaps one of Apple’s most anticipated products of the April Apple Event, finally came to fruition. This Tile competitor is all we were hoping for and more. Want to learn more about it? Then there are some details about it in this article you can get. And this includes the price and time of availability.

Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag

Just as Apple AirPods and other Apple and some non-Apple devices are found using the ‘Find My’ feature on macOS and iOS devices. The new AirTags will join the party.

This implies that whatever you’ve got the AirTag attached to can be easily found through sound alerts or handy directions on your iPhone.

Alongside the clever tracking here is a detail on data privacy. With reassurance that no location data is held inside the AirTag and no data is shared outside of your own device, even to Apple.

Apple AirTag Release Date And Price

AirTag is accessible for order from 5pm (PDT) on April 23rd, 2021. With shipping beginning April 30th in Apple Stores and authorized resellers.

AirTag is priced at $29/£29/AU$45 each or $99/£99/AU$149 as a four-pack. The AirTag accessories start from $29/£29/AU$45.

Apple AirTag Features

AirTag devices connect via Bluetooth and also include the Apple U1 chip with ultra-wideband technology to permit them to be found easily. The AirTag appear in your Find My app once it has been set up and display their last known location.

If within Bluetooth range of your own device, they will emit a sound to assist locate them. And for iPhone 11 and 12 users, will get onscreen directions and distance to their location. This relies on the iPhone’s ARkit, accelerometer, and gyroscope.

The really clever stuff though is when the device is further away. Also, as just its last location, the AirTag can use the complete Find My network of nearly one billion Apple devices to trace it down.

Any Apple device within its Bluetooth range will relay its signal back to the owner of the device, within the background and without sharing any personal data.

Apple AirTag Privacy

With such impressive tracking potential, Apple has addressed privacy concerns head-on. Not only does AirTag use end-to-end encryption, with no location or personal data stored on the device. But not even Apple can trace the device used to locate the AirTag.

Third-party tracking is as well actively discouraged, due to rotating signal identifiers. Lost devices play a sound when moved and may be tapped with any NFC-capable device for instructions on a way to return it to the owner.

Apple AirTag Accessories

There are Apple AirTags accessories available as well. These include keyrings and loops in several colors and materials. With a starting price of $29/£29/AU$45.

Also, there are leather AirTags accessories from luxury brands Hermes and Belkin.


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