Apple AirTag Review – Apple AirTag Release Date, Features and Price

Apple AirTag Review. There is nothing that is quite unpleasantly distinctive as the feeling of your stomach that would be dropping when you realize the keys, Laptop bag, or another item important item that has gone missing.

Apple AirTag Review

Apple AirTag Review

The Apple’s pill-shaped AirTag isn’t quite the perfect medicine for preventing that lurching sensation, but the long-anticipated $29 tracker that would not go for a long way for some settling some of the discomforts around lost or misplayed items.

Apple AirTag Hardware and Setup

A white and silver lozenge of Plastic and stainless steel, AirTag is 1.26 inches in diameter and 0.31 inches thick, and it would tip the scales that are just at just 0.39 ounces. A quarter of the weight is not actually the CR2032 button cell battery that is found inside. Unlike most of the Apple Products in recent memory, you can open your AirTag up and swap out the battery yourself, though the company stated that you would need to do that roughly every year.

Despite the twist-of rear panel, the AirTag still remains IP67 splash, water, and dust resistant. It would handle the dunks that are up to a meter of water, for up to 30 minutes, and it should still survive.

Just as we saw that the AirPods and the other U1-equipped devices, a setup that is in a particular joy. Pulling off this protective plastic Wrap that would automatically turn the AirTag on. Hold that remains next to your iPhone or iPad and as they would be running iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 respectively – a pop-up message that would further help you connect.

Coming from the fact that there is a matter of naming the AirTag – you get to rename it later, too – and then you would jump into the Find My app, whereupon the tracker appears in the Items tab. It would charmingly be very simple, and it makes the “hit search and wait” process for the other Bluetooth trackers that would feel very lumpy and tedious by the comparison.


Apple always has outdone itself with the accessories that would go using each of the new products, but few launches that have so clearly made them that is essentials as Airtags. In the tracker that is very equivalent for you to make you exit through the gift shop, the perfectly round gadget lacks any way to fix, tie, or tether it to your keys, luggage, or any other item. Where the most rival trackers would include a little hole that you hook a key chain in.

Instead, you are expected to budget for some of the accessories that would enable that functionality whether it would be Apple’s own AirTag Loop or key Ring, or something coming from the lavish Hermes range.

Apple has sent their keyring plus some loops, and they could certainly feel sturdy and remain as fashionable as they are functional. They would also cost about $29 a piece so that you would be much better of looking at the far cheaper array of third-party accessories that are out there.

The engraving is totally free, with Apple offering to place your choice of test or emojis (within its self-imposed limits of a great taste, mind) on the side of the AirTag that is white. You would also fit up to the four characters on there, enough for some of the initials or maybe a reminder of what key that the tracker would be attached to.

Apple would probably prefer that they would switch totally from carrying a physical wallet that is full of cards making use of Apple Pay and the Apple Wallet app, I’m not quite there yet. The AirTag’s form-factor would not really suit itself to slotting in the typical billfold wallet, and however, which is more frustrating ever since that one of the basic things I’m concerned about losing.

AirTag Treasure Hunt

This U1 chipset does not make it easier for pairing, it would also unlock the Airtag’s biggest crowd-pleaser: directional tracking. Apple called its precision finding, and it basically means anybody with a U1-equipped iPhone – Which at the moment means model from the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 families would get more accurate directions to all their items that have been lost.

Well, thanks to all the Ultra-Wideband (UWB), you still get to see the distance that you are from that particular item, in which the directions it lies, and it would get visual, audible, and haptic prompts as you come closer.

It happens to be an oddly fun experience, though you would be required to be closer than about 30 feet or so in an open space, or would considerably nearer that is still if there are walls or floors in-between you and the AirTag.

Although, do not need quite that much help. Making use of the Find My app – or asking Siri for the AirTag by Name. You can make use of the tracker to play a sound. The body of the AirTag itself is used in other to amplify, but if you are in a loud public place it’s going to be much tougher.

Apple AirTag Features

The UWB and Bluetooth happen to come with short-range technologies, of course, and there would be times that the AirTag would go beyond Apple’s reach from your iPhone. This happens to be where Apple would find My network that would come in, and basically tapping every other Apple device (that has opted in) in the wild in other to keep a Bluetooth eye peeled for the tracker.

If it is not in range – and Apple stated that there are nearly a billion such apple devices that are already contributing to its worldwide network – it’ll anonymously pass back all the lost AirTag’s location via the iCloud, and coming from there to the Find My App.

This happens without all those people that are in the network knowing that it would take place: they cannot see that your AirTag that is nearby themselves, they do not receive the alert that their devices have acted as a relay, and there’s no way for you to see who is in the Find My network that is located in the tracker.

There are certain limits to how the tracking would take place. Most of the conspicuous are the absence of the height data: and since the AirTag would lack an altimeter, and it can distinguish if it’s located on a floor above or below you.

Assuming the signal is strong enough for you to make it between the levels – and that is not always a given – that you would see a distance that is in but the directional arrows that would not take into account the disparity that is in the height.

What you would at the end do is a mixture of old-school “hunt the beep” and then you are relying on the Bluetooth and UWB for the final search. If the AirTag possesses a built-in cellular radio and the GPS, Like T-Mobile’s SyncUP tracker, and it would not be able to more precisely log its own location. The downside, of course, is both the price and power and since T-Mobile’s version requires a data subscription and would weekly charging.


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