Animal Crossing Version 2.0 Update – What’s New in Animal Crossing: New Horizon Version 2.0

The Animal Crossing: new Horizons fans gave recently just received a rather pleasant surprise, as one of the game’s version 2.0 update went live much earlier. Initially, we were expecting the version 2.0 update to head on live this Friday, November 5th, along with the happy home Paradic DLC. While we would have to wait up until Friday for the DLC to arrive, the version 2.0 update currently is now available and ready to be played.

Animal Crossing Version 2.0 Update

What’s New in Animal Crossing: New Horizon Version 2.0

While the Happy home paradise expansion happens to be a paid DLC, The version 2.0 update happens to not be free to everyone that owns animal crossing: New Horizons. Perhaps one of the most significant additions in this interesting new update is Brewster, which would be able to open a café called the Roost in the museum right after the players finish their task for Blathers.

The Players get to join island residents and friends in the café to grab some coffee, and they even get to make use of amiibo cards to be able to summon other coffee drinking companions also.

Brewsters happen to not only be the only returning Character that is available in this update, as Kapp’n would also be coming back. He would be sending players off to an entirely new island that might just be a unique flora or islands in the midst of the different seasons.

Essentially, it sounds more like Kapp’n could or might just be a great way to acquire items that wouldn’t usually be available on home islands.

Gyroids Returning

Also, Gyroids would be making their own return along with this update, and the players would be able to dig them up just like the way they get to dig up fossils. Gyroids also can be discovered buried in the ground just right after rain. Or, players can also bury gyroid fragments that would further grow into full gyroids overnight.

In the previous animal crossing games, gyroid would be making various sounds when placed, and they also react when they hear music. You even get to customize them this time around to match the design of the room you place them in.

Harv’s Island Renovation

This update brings some renovation to Harv’s Island that is also getting some renovations as the players would get to contribute to bells to turn the island right into an open-air market that features several shops from numerous peddlers.

This update has also brought cooking to new horizons with this update, and the players would get to grow a variety of vegetables in other to further help their cooking ambitions.


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