Android Workout And Fitness Apps – Benefits of Android Workout Apps

The Android Workout And Fitness Apps are not just games, but also serve as an educator. These Apps give you a strategy on how a gym operates and how to work out. It is very important to work out as it keeps our body fit and makes us healthy.

Android Workout And Fitness Apps

Just as some may take it, working out maybe boring. You just have to continually do the same thing over and over again for a long time and may not see the progress immediately.

But with advance technology, workout has become advance and there are ways to make it fun. Some people pass out time by playing music, podcast, or talking to others while working out.

And now, there are apps to assist you in the workout process. Read more on this article to get the best Android Workout And Fitness Apps.

Android Workout And Fitness Apps

There are so many fitness apps for your mobile phone. They don’t serve as tutors for you to work out, but as educators to let you know the processes.

Some of these apps are gym and workout simulators just like games. You just have to catch the fun by building your gym session and operate as the gym owner.

Best Android Workout And Fitness Apps

Here are some of the best Android Workout And Fitness Apps you can download right away:

Home Workout – No Equipment

This is one of the popularly known workout games. It assists you in doing your daily workout and serves as your instructor telling you what to do and when.

There are lots of workout exercises in the app, and users are timed on when to start and stop a particular exercise. The app is fun to use especially when connected to the TV or working out with others.

It can be used in the comfort of your home, office, or gym even.

Workout: Gym workout planner

This is amazingly one of the best Android Workout And Fitness Apps. It can serve as an instructor for both beginner-level to advance level users.

It features several tools exercise as well as no tools exercise. There are videos and testimonies of users on the app.

You can select the option of your body category so the app can assist you in a better way. There are plans you can join in like weekly, monthly, and yearly.


This is not really a game but helps out motivating people to work out. Achievement is an app that pays you just to do your normal fitness exercise.

It can serve as an assistant to your normal job, as you will earn extra cash for just working out. This app keeps track of user’s stats, while others use it as material for studies.

The user is given a point each time they log in to their stats. And those points are traded for prizes. Since there are prizes, this app serves as a game.

Burn Your Fat With Me

Ready to get into this weird fitness game? This is a dating simulator game packed with fitness elements. It plays just like a Doctor Layton or Phoenix Wright game.

The user tries to work his/her way through various in-game missions like doing 50 sit-ups within three minutes.


This is a decent all-in-one exercise app. It packs a routine for indoor cycling, yoga, elliptical, and other workouts. There are timings you can choose to begin your workout process.

With this app, you can keep a reminder of each time you have set to do your workout routine. And your phone will notify you at those set times.

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