Android Clubhouse is Now Out – Android Clubhouse Limitations

The Clubhouse for Android is now out. You most certainly must be tired of hearing about this or that latest social network or the feature that it has been designed to take on the clubhouse. Although the audio-only platforms have becomes really popular, their reach is extremely limited if compared to Facebook and Twitter.

Android Clubhouse is Now Out

As a matter of fact, it’s only now that it is extending it reach to Android users but even when it comes with a lot of caveats. Despite that, the startup does not change it pace and this explains why it has been adopting a measured approach to growth instead.

Android Clubhouse is Now Out

The popularity of the Clubhouse’s has even caught the fledgling social network by surprise. It was stated that they intentionally took a measure of growth strategy in order to come up with its community at the same time as the network while maintaining its small team.

The Clubhouse began its rapid growth to the point that the server was experiencing outages and the systems that it got under heavy stress. This forced Clubhouse to place its attention on its own team and infrastructure instead of the community and feature building.

Android Clubhouse Limitations

A lot of networks would be excited about the growth surge but Clubhouse was also worried. With that stated, it is said that it has proved how universal that voice medium is and it is expanding its reach in other to meet that need.

The Clubhouse for Android happens to be missing a lot of features but would now be available for download for all. this basically means that it still does not have a lot of missing features, including linking to Twitter or in-app translations. Still, it does not possess that payments system that the Clubhouse has launched recently too.

The most limitation on the platform is that it is invite-only and available only to those that are in the united states. That Clubhouse insists it is by choice. This offers Facebook, Twitter, and many others the chance to encroach into the Clubhouse’s territory right before its doors can be entirely open.


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