Android Auto 8.0 – New Features and Issues

Android Auto 8.0 Will Make You Wonder About its Future. By now, Android has already gone right through many incarnations, moving beyond what Google has envisioned and is supporting officially.

Android Auto 8.0

Android Auto 8.0

Not all of these Android-based variants are created equal, of course, and some of them look and feel more polished compared to others. Unfortunately, this also applies to Google’s Very Own Android Spin-offs, some of which seem to be getting left by the wayside.

Whether it is the Android Tv, Wear OS, or Android Auto, it seems to be some lingering doubts about Google’s Long-term commitment to these platforms. With that stated, Android TV got to breathe fresh air seeing as the Google TV experience, and wear OS is experiencing some renaissance. Well, that leaves the Android Auto as the odd one out, which is quite palpable in its latest major release.

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Android Auto New Features

Android Auto, which is related to but distinct from Android Automotive, happens to be the simplest way for you to connect your phone to a compatible car head unit. Whether via a USB cable or Wireless connection, you should be able to take advantage of the navigation and entertainment apps found on your smartphone without thinking about its much smaller screen.

Unfortunately, Android Auto has a poor history when it comes to reliability and stability, especially when Google decided to push breaking changes that would take several weeks to get fixed.

It first seems like google is allowing Android Auto Languish in lieu of focusing on Android Automotive. Some months back, however, the company sparked some hope that the car platform would be arriving finally and would be getting the attention it deserves. With this app’s version of 8.0 release, one would presume that it could be a major update that brings offers new features. Unfortunately, that could not go farther from the truth.

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Android Auto Ambiguity Leaves User Frustrated

To put it simply, the Android Auto 8.0 entails nothing more than your usual round of bug fixes, as stated by the Android Police. On the other hand, that is a great thing, considering just how unstable the platform is currently. On the Other hand, it does not feel like it is worthy of getting a “point-oh” release if that is all that it contains. Another number in the 7.x series would have probably been a little less confusing and disappointing.

The remaining fans of Android Auto would probably be most disappointed by how Google’s very interesting UI change is still missing in action. Just after being leaked last year, the split-screen features codenamed Cool walk was officially confirmed at I/O last May.

It might be sounding like nitpicking for a feature that small, but it is a barometer of the health of the platform when something as basic as split-screen has not yet made it to Android Auto. Admittedly, this actually could happen through a server-side change, but it seems there isn’t any indication of that happing in the 8.0 version of the app.

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Not Compatible Issue

To make things worse, 9to5Google reports another breaking update, this time it came in the form of a 7.8.6 maintenance release. Several phone brand owners, including pixel, are reporting getting “phone that is not compatible” error messages when you try to make use of Android Auto right after the update.

Given the state of the platform over the past two years, this bug’s arrival is very shocking. Unfortunately, this shows just how much work Google needs to do in other to prevent Android Auto from failing.

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