American School Years – Pre-school | Elementary School | Junior High School

American School Years are one of the best years for students in the states. If you are taking your kids from your home country to America to school, you would want to make sure that they have one of the best possible educations.

American School Years

The state in which your kid school inset their own educational standards. They play a big part in structuring and funding public schools. As an Expat, you can either choose to send your child to a private school, state-run public school or even home educate them.

American School Years

You should, however, note that if you select a home-paying school for your kid, then you will be able to select the exam system and syllabus you think is best for your child. If you are considering options, you should consider the American School Years as well.

You should also compare the standard of education in your home country to that of the United States. No matter your situation, whether you have already got an American work visa or you are just starting to think about life overseas, it will help a great deal to know even just a little about educations options in the United States. Keep reading for more info.

The American School Years and Educational System

It is important you note that the American school years and educational system have varied structures. These structures are set at the state level. Compulsory begins at the age of five to six for most children. The schooling runs for twelve consecutive years. Now education is mandatory to the age of at least sixteen (16) in all states. Some states do require students to stay in a formal education setting to eighteen (18).


Preschool is usually known as Pre-K or Pre-kindergarten. It is offered to students from the age of three to five years old. Kindergarten is the first year of compulsory education and it is taken at the age of five to six. Preschool is optional in most states for kids within the age of three (3) to six (6) years old. Most preschools if not all are operated by private companies, community organizations, independent childcare providers, and so on. They can have a specific focus.

Elementary School

Elementary school is also known as primary school. It is usually for kids from age five (5) or six (6). Elementary school lasts for five or six years. It all depends on the state structure. Education at the primary level for some schools in some states is free. In this level of education, students progress to the next grade as long as they reach a satisfactory level.

Junior High School

After elementary, different states operate with slightly different schooling structures. Junior High School is also regarded or known as middle school. Some people opt for a middle school system that starts around the age of eleven. Others, however, prefer Junior High School which begins at the age of twelve. You should know that bot last for three years. Most middle schools if not all are free of charge in the United States. It covers both compulsory and elective subjects.

High School

High school is also known as senior high school. If the states in the united states operate a middle school structure, then students are likely going to progress to high school at the age of fourteen (14). If the junior high school system is chosen, then students are likely to progress to senior high school at the age of fifteen (15). In both cases, the school is going to run to the age of 18. However, some schools can have students leave school earlier if they have the permission of their parents.

Above is the United States education system for kids until they are ready to go to college or a university. Going to college or a university will help your kids to acquire a degree. This degree can be used to apply for work in both public and private companies.

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