AMD to Share Zen 4 CPUs at CES 2022 – Alder Lake Mobile at CES

AMD to Share Zen 4 CPUs at CES 2022. Currently, AMD is set to give more information on its upcoming Zen 4 Processors, which is expected to arrive later in the year, at CES 2022, along with all the other stuff team read will be required to possess at the show.

AMD to Share Zen 4 CPUs at CES 2022

AMD to Share Zen 4 CPUs at CES 2022

This news if came from AMD’s Chief technology officer, Mark Papermaster, who gave an interview to Forbes and talked about their next-Gen Zen 4 CPUs and how they would receive some kind of airing at the CES.

Papermaster stated that: “with regards to the upcoming generation, I point to CES in January. We are happy to reveals some additional details on the new product that would be launching and offer a phenomenal experience and as we have stated, later in the year as it progresses, we would share more information on Zen 4 with some mentioned at CES and more announcements on it throughout 2022. This would actually be a great year for AMD.”

Papermaster stated that “we could not get more thrilled than with the next upcoming generation of products” elsewhere in the interview.


Of course, AMD would also have refreshed Zen 3 CPUs via the 3D V-cache tech with about 96MB L3 cache, Papermaster notes elsewhere, and that “as we are entering 2022, we would be taking the product line [Ryzen 5000] that we are proud of already and have placed it on steroids.”

It is expected that the Powered-up Zen 3 processors would get revealed at the CES potentially along with amazing new laptop chips and might get a fresh threadripper PRO models – oh, and maybe, just maybe, we would get a peek at the (much-required) new budget graphics card also.

Alder Lake Mobile at CES

This news is a great coming from AMD’s CTO because we didn’t expect to be hearing about the Zen 4 chips at CES, given that they are still some ways off, being like to arrive in 2022 second half.

Further regarding Zen 4 chips, Papermaster stated that optimizing not just for great performance which happens to be obviously off given but “ever increasing battery life”, and while again power-efficiency is given for the goals of a new generation of silicon, with its interesting to see if it is highlighted specifically here.

In the light of Intel Alder Lake Processors, the latest product that was produced by team Blue makes use of efficiency cores that will definitely up the ante for battery longevity with laptops, when 12th-gen mobile CPUs arrive.


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