Amazon Starts Black Friday Early With Huge Savings on Echo Devices

Amazon starts Black Friday early with huge savings on Echo devices. Right at this moment on Amazon, Echo speakers are discounted by up to a whopping 71%, with the prices in question starting at just $18.

Amazon Black Friday Savings on Echo Devices

Amazon Black Friday Savings on Echo Devices

Black Friday is just a week and a couple of days away, but Amazon is currently getting a head start. Right at this moment, you can get your hands on some of the Echo smart speakers of the brand at deep discounts, and this is including bundled savings on speakers that come a with TP-Link Kasa smart bulb. Prices kicks off at just $18, thus making it an excellent time to spend on smart devices for your home.

Amazon Alexa Ecosystem

Amazon as you should know has put a whole lot of effort into building its Alexa ecosystem, and the Echo smart speakers in question are a really important part of that. Whether it is that you are going for the fifth-gen Echo Dot or the higher-end Echo Studio on the other hand, there is a little something for everybody in the lineup of Amazon. The Black Friday sale on Amazon officially gets started tomorrow, but you can get your hands on these savings right at this moment.

What to Expect With This Deal and Offer

For instance, you can get the adorable Echo Pop for only $18 with a Kasa smart bulb thrown directly into the mix. That in question is $45 in savings that you get for grabbing the said bundle. Compare that to just getting the Echo Pop itself for just $18, and you will see that it is a great and excellent deal all around. The same deal goes for the fifth-gen Echo Dot, which reportedly comes with a Kasa smart bulb for only $23.

Other Products Available In This Deal

On the other end of the scale, if it is that you want something much fancier, a bundle that sees the large, five-speaker Echo Studio paired with a Kasa smart bulb is reportedly going for $155, which as you should know is down from a $223 regular value. That is also the same price as the Echo Studio on its own right at this moment.

There are many other models on sale as well, and this is including the fourth-gen Echo bundle for just $55 which gives you a $68 savings. So you should be sure to shop the entire sale selection in a bid to get exactly what it is that you need.



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