Amazon Appstore Android App Bundle Support – Google Play Store New Apps

Amazon Appstore Android App Bundle Support. Amazon Appstore has been available for quite some time. but recently, it came right under the spotlight with Microsoft’s Windows 11 announcement. It is the platform that would enable it to install android apps right on windows PCs, but there are still remain a lot of unanswered questions, especially when it is regarding technical implementations.

Amazon Appstore Android App Bundle Support

Amazon Appstore Android App Bundle Support

The Amazon Appstore itself has not been renowned for possessing features that are advanced. But the e-commerce giant now happens to be making a public commitment to bringing it right up to speed with Google’s next-gen Android App Bundle format.

Android App Bundle

APKs always has been Android’s basic standard package format and it would continue to be so even with App Bundles. In a nutshell, the Android app bundles format and features look a bit specific to be used along with Google Play Store only.

That is the main reason why it comes more like a surprise that amazon would be announcing that they would be offering support to Android App bundles. What this means is that all those that are publishing on Amazon’s Appstore would be able to take advantage of all those same benefits without having to publish it on Google Play Store only.

Google Play Store New Apps

It will be very interesting for you to see how great Amazon will manage this feat, and it would not have to offer any hard dates for you to avoid getting developers’ hopes up. It also will be completely optional even for all the new apps, unlike on Google Play store new apps where the new apps need to make use of App bundles, no question asked.

If Amazon manages to pull this off right before windows 11’s Stable release, it will definitely help to take its Appstore right to the forefront of the Android ecosystem. Depending on what it has implemented, it also could be Google Play Store’s biggest competition, which would allow Android developers to target not just the phone but also the PCs and wooing them right to Amazon’s App ecosystem and away from Google’s.


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