Get these AirPods 3 Earbuds Alternatives For Just $36 Today

Get these AirPods 3 Earbuds alternatives for just $36 today. Are you looking for a set of open-style buds? If you are, then here are some extra savings on the Soundpeats Air3 Deluxe HS, which is one of the best budget alternatives to the AirPods 3.

AirPods 3 Earbuds Alternatives

AirPods 3 Earbuds Alternatives

this deal prior to this has been highlighted on the Soundpeats Air3 Deluxe HS, which is a set of inexpensive open earbuds that perform excellently well but it’s, however, worth highlighting again. Their list price is $50 so you should know, but after you get to apply the instant 15% off coupon on Amazon and then get to use the CNET-exclusive code DCCNETSP as well at checkout, you get an additional 13% discount, thus dropping the price to $36. It’s still unclear as to how long the code will be active for, but it however should be good for a couple of weeks.

Specs and Features

One thing that makes these Soundpeats Air3 Deluxe HS buds special is that they sound really good for open earbuds and it is quite surprising. And with that being said, they are pretty close to what you normally get from Apple’s AirPods 3 in regards to sound. And on top of that, they support Sony’s LDAC audio codec for devices that get to offer it. And not too many cheap open earbuds have great sound but these Soundpeats have a really good bass response as well as clarity. They are also good for making calls and they also have a low-latency gaming mode.

Battery Life and Pricing

The battery life of these headsets is rated at 5 hours at moderate volume levels, and these are IPX4 splash-proof. And at just $36, they’re a very good deal if it is that you are looking for open-style buds, and they now come in various colors.



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