Affordable Ways to Beautify Your Dorm Room

Here are affordable ways to beautify your dorm room this holiday. If you are expecting visitors this holiday, it is very important to set your dorm room in order.

Affordable Ways to Beautify Your Dorm Room

However, there are different items to decorate your room with, but you have not seen them all. As a designer, I have put together some ideas I believe you will love to act on.

Affordable Ways to Beautify Your Dorm Room

Decorating your residence room may seem simple, but there are lots you need to put together. There are colors to fit and match.

A dorm room is meant for sleeping. However, it is also a residence hall providing rooms for individuals or groups usually without private baths.

Moreover, this type of room is cheap to decorate, scroll done and see the fun and affordable ways to turn a basic space into a home away from home.

7 Cheap ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room

Here are the top 7 ways to beautify your dorm room at a low cost:

Make a Photo wall with Christmas light

You can create a photo wall with a Christmas light to decorate the wall. However, you can use different colors of light and arrange your photo on the wall. You can add your family picture and friends to brighten up your dorm room.

Photo walls are a fantastic way to cover those dull walls. However, you can mix up a few different displays.

Light up the Room at Night

Once you fix the light everywhere in the room, at night you can turn it on to light up the room. However, you can as well get a bedside lamp that adds a softer glow that mellows.

Nevertheless, don’t forget to add the right lamp to your dorm room decorating list.

Customize Your Wall with Wallpaper 

You can customize your wall with beautiful wallpaper if your dorm room walls are too plain. However, putting wallpaper in your room is easy than DIY projects. All you need is some simple tools to get the job done. Moreover, you can get different wallpaper from Amazon.

Well Design Mirror

As a lady, a dorm room without a mirror is incomplete. However, you can shop for mirrors from Amazon to beautify your room. You can pick up some peel-and-stick mirrors to create unique patterns on your wall or door. There are different designs of mirrors & sizes to choose from.

Add a bedframe to Your bed

Have you been taught of adding a bedframe to your bed?  adding a bedframe to your bed will add beauty to your room. Furthermore, there are different colors to shop from. You can choose any color but make sure it matches the color of your dorm room.

Rug To make the floor Neat

Instead of buying cement and ties, you can go for the rug. There are different qualities and designs, go for one that is beautiful and also reliable. Or you add a colorful plush area rug next to your bed making sure it is soft underfoot.

Throwing and bed pillows

You can make your room more comfortable by adding extra pillows on your bed and also throwing pillows for fun. However, pillows are a quick way to incorporate your fashion sense.

Moreover, you can buy these throw pillows from Amazon or another online store. You can as well go to a supermarket close to you to buy.


How Can I Decorate My Dorm Room For Cheap?

If you are staying with a roommate, it becomes easy. You both can share the expenses and buy the things you need. Furthermore, there are some items you can make with DIY.

What Should I Decorate My Dorm Room With?

There are different things to decorate your with, they include flowers pot, wallpaper, refrigerators, throw pillows, and more.

How to Decorate a Small College Dorm Room?

It is very easy to style your small college dorm room mostly when your roommate is with you. However, you can start from the wall by applying wallpaper if it planes, adding a bedframe and throw & bed pillows for comfort, and a sheet set to make the bed neat. You can as well light up the room with a lamp.

What Should My Dorm Aesthetic Be?

A neutral color palette with greys, tans, and pastel pink or yellow. Lots of chunky woven blankets. Textured accessories like banners, wall hangings, and fairy lights. Simple wall shelves and drawers to minimize clutter.

What Are Must-Haves for College Dorms?

Below are must-have college dorm items:

  • Pillow cover
  • Fan
  • Air purifier
  • The mattress cover for cool
  • Twin extra-long sheets
  • Foam mattress topper
  • Bed risers
  • Light to light up the night

How Can I Hang Curtains In My Dorm Room Without Nails?

Simply place a large hook on each side of the window trim and lay a curtain rod across. Command hooks come in a variety of styles, finishes, and sizes. Make sure you choose a hook that’s large and strong enough to hold the weight.

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