ADIA Africa Digital Inclusion Fellowship 2023 – APPLY NOW

Forward-thinking African Students with a passion for driving change and bridging the digital gap in Africa, are invited to apply for the Africa Digital Inclusion Alliance (ADIA) 2023. It is a virtual intensive program designed to equip African students with the knowledge, skills, and network to become champions in the realm of digital inclusion.

ADIA Africa Digital Inclusion Fellowship

Digital Inclusion Fellowship 

The Africa Digital Inclusion Fellowship, scheduled from August 29th to September 14th, 2023, is an immersive three-week virtual program that holds the promise of transforming participants into agents of digital change. The fellowship aims to nurture individuals who are committed to narrowing the digital divide in Africa by focusing on key aspects of digital inclusion.

The first cornerstone of the fellowship journey is gaining a deep understanding of the digital divide – the disparity between those with access to modern technology and those without. Through the acknowledgment of this divide, fellows lay the foundation for driving meaningful change.

What to Expect

  • Digital Inclusion: Digital inclusion encompasses a range of strategies to ensure that everyone has access to the benefits of technology. This module explores the tactics and tools necessary to bring digital inclusion to the forefront of development efforts.
  • Digital Equity: Achieving digital equity involves addressing systemic barriers that hinder access to technology. Fellows will go into strategies to level the playing field, enabling underserved communities to participate fully in the digital age.
  • Cultivating Leadership Skills: Great leadership is pivotal in effecting change. Fellows will be exposed to leadership principles that empower them to drive initiatives and advocate for digital inclusion in their communities.
  • Engaging Communities for Progress: Community engagement is a catalyst for sustainable change. Fellows will learn how to rally communities, fostering collaboration and shared goals to bridge the digital divide.
  • As the fellowship progresses, participants are challenged to identify key takeaways and actionable steps that can be applied in their respective communities, thus translating knowledge into tangible change.

About Africa Digital Inclusion Alliance (ADIA)

The ADIA is a pan-African nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the digital divide across the continent. Through digital skills training, affordable technology access, and advocacy, ADIA strives for economic inclusion and digital equity.

Benefits of the Digital Inclusion Fellowship

Participating in the ADIA Africa Digital Inclusion Fellowship comes with an array of advantages:

  • Knowledge Enrichment: Immerse yourself in comprehensive digital inclusion topics.
  • Certificate of Participation: Showcase your commitment and achievement.
  • Building a Network: Connect with fellow participants and ADIA’s affiliate members.
  • Merit Awards: Stand out and be recognized during the graduation ceremony.
  • Showcasing Your Skills: Get a chance to present your ideas at special events.

Eligibility Criteria for the Africa Digital Inclusion Fellowship

To be eligible for this transformative opportunity, applicants should:

  • Hold African citizenship and reside anywhere in the world.
  • Demonstrate a motivation to learn about digital inclusion for personal and community growth.
  • Have access to reliable internet connectivity.
  • Be proficient in either English or French, the fellowship’s language.
  • Exhibit leadership skills, aspirations, and effective communication abilities.

How to Apply

Are you excited about joining the Digital Inclusion Fellowship 2023?

Kindly check the criteria above to confirm your eligibility status.

The next step is to apply through the Africa Digital Inclusion Alliance website at:

Enter your email address In the space provided to begin the process of completing the form

Application Deadline

August 20, 2023.


What is the ADIA Africa Digital Inclusion Fellowship?

The ADIA Africa Digital Inclusion Fellowship is a virtual program that equips African students with skills and knowledge to bridge the digital divide.

Who is eligible to apply for the fellowship?

Individuals with African citizenship, access to the internet, and a motivation for digital inclusion can apply.

What are the key topics covered in the fellowship?

The fellowship covers digital divide, inclusion, equity, leadership development, community engagement, and actionable strategies.

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