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Accelerated Mobile Pages also known as AMP was created by Google as a competitor to the Facebook feature Facebook Instant Articles. Accelerated Mobile Pages is optimized for mobile web browsing. It was and still is intended to help webpages load faster. This platform was first announced on October 7, 2015. As you can see, it has been in existence for quite a while now. Officially, the AMP project announced that it would move to an open governance model on September 18, 2018. The framework of this platform consists of three components. These components are AMP HTML (the standard HTML markup with web components), AMP JavaScript (which manages resource loading) and AMP caches (which serve and validate AMP pages).

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Now, most AMP pages are delivered by Google’s AMP cache however, other companies can support AMP caches. Accelerated Mobile Pages are published online and as such can be accessed and displayed in most current browsers. If a standard webpage has an AMP counterpart, a link to the AMP page is usually placed in an HTML tag in the source code of the original or standard page. Due to the simplicity of web crawlers discovering AMP pages, third parties like search engines or other referring websites can choose to link the AMP version of a webpage rather than the standard or original version.

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Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages

There are several benefits attached to an AMP page. One of the benefits that publishers usually enjoy is the ranking factor.  Another benefit is the greatly increased speed in your website loading speed on mobile devices. If most of an undeniably huge number of your website users come from mobile devices, then you should definitely adopt Accelerated Mobile Pages. Since your ranking factor would be increased, you can be sure to get an increase in your website traffic. As you know, an increase in your website traffic would increase your revenue.

Who will Benefit the Most from AMP Pages

Who will benefit the most from AMP pages is a simple yet technical question that is important. Surely you must have thought about it and wondered if you should adopt it. It is important you know if you will benefit from it first before you adopt it. If it will not benefit you, it could affect your business. If you are providing services or running product landing pages, you would definitely not want to turn your website into and AMP website. The reason is that it would be stripped down of its first impressions as the designs and look might go away. The sites that are likely going to benefit a lot of AMP pages are publishing sites. Publishing sites are sites that produce contents, guide and reviews. If you fall into this category, you should definitely adopt AMP pages.

Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress

Using Accelerated Mobile Pages is quite simple as a plugin has already been created. With the help of this plugin you can turn your WordPress site into an AMP website. However, you would have to install this plugin.

  • Go to your WordPress website dashboard. You can do this by typing your website URL into the search bar of a web browser and add “/wp-admin” at the end.
  • Log in to your dashboard and tap on “Plugins”
  • Tap on the “Add New” button and then on the search bar.
  • Enter into the search bar “AMP” and tap “Install” next to the AMP plugin. The official plugin is the one created by the AMP project site.
  • Tap on the “Activate” button afterward.

That is how you can install AMP on your WordPress site. You can customize how the AMP page looks by tapping on the customize link under appearances and tap on AMP.

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Accelerated Mobile Pages for Non-WordPress Sites

The truth is that you can also use Accelerated Mobile Pages for Non-WordPress sites.  It definitely not as easy as installing a plugin but you can be rest assured that it is more rewarding. To do this, you would have to go to the AMP Project’s site and learn how to integrate it via hard code. You can access the official AMP Project’s site and learn how to integrate the code using the web address



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