8 TV Shows College Students Should Watch for Leisure and Inspiration

Get Inspired and have a Great Time by Watching these TV Shows

Studying abroad can be the most rewarding yet challenging experience ever. Between settling into your new accommodation, making sure you have one of the best Cox internet plans to stay connected, opening your student bank account to make friends, there is plenty to keep you occupied.

8 TV Shows College Students Should Watch for Leisure and Inspiration

Staying away from home and family can sometimes bring you down. On top of it, the weight of completing your assignments and performing well on your test can overwhelm you. In a situation like this, a good motivational TV show can prove to be a sweet escape.

8 TV Shows College Students Should Watch for Leisure and Inspiration

Wondering what to watch? Or do you want to know 8 TV Shows College Students Should Watch for Leisure and Inspiration? These shows have proven to be highly accommodating for young ones to watch:

BoJack Horseman

Okay, don’t dismiss this show because it’s a cartoon. The show is astounding. It takes you to the story of BoJack Horseman, a humanoid horse who decides it is comeback time. He used to be a star of the 90s sitcom that was the hottest thing back then. The show suddenly gets canceled and BoJack’s career crashes.

108 years later, he decides to regain his lost dignity. With the help of his ex-girlfriend (who happens to be his agent), he sets out to make things happen. Hollywood has changed. It may take BoJack some time to get used to new things. Once you get started, you would want to see how things turn out for BoJack in the long run.

The Good Place

Imagine an ethically bankrupt person winding up in a heaven life afterlife! This is where The Good Place takes you. Eleanor, a saleswoman who basically lived a corrupt life tries to hide her past in order to stay in a good place.

Together with the help of Chidi, who becomes Eleanor’s teacher, she helps her become acceptable to a good place. The show has a comedic plot. It flawlessly incorporates moral thinking exercises, which is a delight to watch.

The Umbrella Academy

Consider an X-men-like show where all supportive kin is 30-year-old adults with troubled childhood and heaps of tension.

You have got to give it to them. After all, all 6 of them spent their youth as first-class superheroes under the supervision of Sir Reginald Hargreeves, their not-so-supportive dad/coach. The siblings unite to save the world from the end of time, which is approaching.

Modern Love

In case you didn’t know, Modern Love is based on the 5 New York Times section. It’s one of the best moving arrangements to watch.

The scenes are set in New York City too and the soundtrack is simply dazzling. The cast is as elegant as it could get. Anne Heathway, Ed Sheeran, Dev Patel are a few to name. If you have watched season 1 already, a sequel is in the making. There is no affirmed release date, though.

The Bold Type

This American comedy-drama show is about young women working for lifestyle and fashion magazines and struggling with their jobs. From getting fired from their jobs to not getting paid enough, each woman is going through highs and lows.

In the first half of the show, the plot might feel common but as the show progresses, you will find it to be one of the most motivational TV series of all. If you are not happy with your career, The Bold Type might just be the inspiration you need.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This sitcom is packed with inspiration and positive vibes. Kimmy Schmidt is recused from a cult after 15 years of living in a bunker. Upon release, Kimmy decides to reclaim her life. She rents a room with a gay and aspiring Broadway actor, Titus. Soon, the pair realizes they are well suited to help each other.

Titus reintroduces Kimmy to modern life whereas Kimmy inspires him to peruse his dreams. The two are ready to take whatever life throws at them.


This is a documentary series that you would definitely want to watch in your free time. It’s not really motivating but it will surely enhance your knowledge.

Explained delves into and explains a variety of subjects, including the K-pop industry, bitcoin, diamonds, the beauty industry, music, the global water crisis, why women get paid less, tattoos, aliens, and marijuana. This is a wonderful documentary to binge and boost your knowledge without having to read anything.

Mad Men

Get a scoop of the inside of an ad agency. This show has been around for a while, so you’ve probably heard of it, but if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, do it now! This 92-episode marketing series depicts the lives of 1960s advertising executives in an era when everything could be promoted with the right tagline. It’s epic, insane, and full of drama and you will get lost in the show just like that!


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