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What are the 7 Best Free Tool for Keyword Research? If this is not the question running through your mind right now, you might as well leave this article right now. Our objective of this article is to show you some free tools that you can effectively use for keyword research.

When it comes to growing your website organically with SEO, keyword research is a must. Without thorough keyword research, you are like a pilot flying aa plane blind. IF you are lucky, you might get some traffic but if you aren’t, you would be totally frustrated.

7 Best Free Tool for Keyword Research

7 Best Free Tool for Keyword Research

7 Best Free Tool for Keyword Research is very important for every marketer or blogger out there that owns a blog. In my own experience and opinion, I have the best marketing tool I personally use What makes content marketing so easy for a lot of bloggers out there is the work they put into keyword research.

Keyword research is so important in building your website traffic that companies charge you for it. Big websites out there hire people to do the SEO for them. This is one of the reasons why they are doing so well and it becomes almost impossible to beat them.

Keyword research is also important if you are trying to build targeted traffic. Just for some clarification purposes, I would be giving out a list of some of the best paid and a list of some of the best free keyword research tools.

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Best Free Keyword Research Tools

When looking for the best keyword tool, we are looking for a good keyword audit tool. This is a very important factor as it would help gather other relevant data about the keyword. For instance, I see some keyword research tools pout there that just gives you little data like the search volume and the CPC (cost per click).

While those tools aren’t that bad, it could also limit your research. For instance, those tools can’t compare with tools that give you the search difficulty, paid difficulty, relevant headers for the keyword, and many more other data that you can get. Here is a list of some of the best free keyword research tools I use in 2020.

  • Neil Patel Ubersuggest.
  • KWFinder.
  • Answer the public.
  • Google keyword planner.
  • SpyFU.
  • Keywords Everywhere.
  • Keyword Surfer.

Note that I am only suggesting these tools if you are just starting out and don’t have money to pay for the paid tools.

Neil Patel Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is one of my top free keyword research tools. Although this tool has a paid plan, you can as well use it for free and get the keyword research data out there. Using the free version limits you to a couple of searches per day but it is still worth it, you are just starting.

If you have enough money, I would suggest you go for the paid membership. Ubersuggest not only gives you keyword data, but it breaks the data down into segments anyone can understand. You don’t even need to be an SEO expert to start using Ubersuggest.


KWFinder is another one of those free tools you can use for keyword research and analysis. KWFinder might just be the only keyword tool that you ever have to use. It allows you to make keyword research in a lot of different ways.

This tool is very similar to Ubbersuggest and that is why I recommended it. Like Ubersuggest, there is also a premium version. Like I said before, you can go with the free version if you are just starting out and don’t have the money to pay. You might also be restricted to some data if you are using the free version.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is another keyword tool that is free. While it’s free, you are limited to a number of searches per day and you are also limited to some features. Now, how do you get these features? Well, the answer is very easy. All you have to do is buy a premium membership.

I also love using answer the public to get keyword data although it doesn’t come with a lot of features like keyword difficulty and all those. I personally love it because of the data presented. It can be done in a chart or a traditional way.

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a totally free tool and probably one of the best when it comes to keyword research. If you are using Google AdSense to monetize your blog, then you should probably use this tool. This tool is very easy to access on the web.

The google keyword planner was initially made for those who want to advertise on google. While it was made for advertisers, publishers can also take advantage of it to know what advertisers are interested in boosting. This is one of the key features of google keyword planner.


SpyFU is also another one of those paid but can be used for a free keyword research tool. SpyFU was made specifically for people to be able to spy on their competitors. While this tool is helpful for everyone, it could also be the reason your competitors are winning you.

If you are not taking advantage of this tool, you might just be left out on all the traffic you could be getting. I have left a link to the website at the top, simply visit it and start taking dominating your competition.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere may be free for people to find keywords but getting good information is the data would be difficult. This is because you have to pay to buy credits to get the detailed keyword data. This may be a huge turnoff for some people and I personally don’t like using this tool anymore.

Before now, Keywords Everywhere was totally free for everyone and all you had to do is install the browser extension to get a streamline of keyword data.

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is another free keyword tool like Keywords Everywhere. Where this tool is better is that it is totally free for everyone. The data presented on keyword data are arranged according to country. For instance, you can easily select your data and get the best keyword analysis for the keyword in that region.

All you need to do before you get started on this amazing keyword tools is to install the extension on google chrome. The extension link is in the first paragraph.

Best Paid Free Keyword Research Tools

According to my promise in a more recent paragraph, here is a list of some of the best-paid keyword tools I use in 2020.

  • Ahrefs.
  • Semrush.
  • Neil Patel Ubbersuggest.
  • Moz.

Those are the best-paid tools I use for SEO and keyword research. These are the tools I use to grow this website to twenty-five thousand visitors per day and still counting.

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