5 Attributes of High-Performing Marketing Teams – The Best Keys To Success In Marketing

What are the 5 Attributes of High-Performing Marketing Teams? There might be a series of reasons behind why you are asking this question. If you ever looked at some brands and wondered what makes them so great, then that is what you would be learning in this article. We may not have all the answers but the good news is that we might have some answers.

According to Mathew from salesforce, “Our idea of marketing has failed; it was created for a different point in time. The thing that most marketers don’t understand is that they see [marketing] as having more media, more content, more channels. They don’t see it as a new media environment leading to a new definition of marketing.”

5 Attributes of High-Performing Marketing Teams

5 Attributes of High-Performing Marketing Teams

The primary goal of any company is to create a world-class marketing organization. This goal might be a difficult task. In achieving this, it is very challenging to create and sustain a high-performing marketing team.

The two biggest challenges that marketers face today is the “ability to move fast enough to keep up with the market competitors and changes” and the “ability to create innovative campaigns that stand out in the market”.

This was determined by a recent study made by Wrike from over eight hundred US marketers. These challenges are very crucial in digital transformation today. IF you don’t know this, marketing is changing rapidly and it becomes very hard to keep up for marketers.

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Challenges of High-Performing Marketing Teams

No matter the challenges, it is very difficult to build a disciplined and efficient marketing organization and at the same time a foster culture of excellence. This is exactly where the 5 attributes of high-performing marketing teams come in.

These attributes are more like a goal that every member of your marketing team must meet. You may have seen some of the importance of operational effectiveness before or you are new to it. The truth is that operational effectiveness works hand in hand with growth.

Key Characteristics of Good Marketing Teams (5 Attributes of High-Performing Marketing Teams)

There is no way you are going to grow without operational effectiveness. Knowing the right teams to help you drive the achievement of growth is a major key for marketing leaders. Google has uncovered some key characteristics to a successful marketing team and these characteristics resonated with me.

According to Google’s Aristotle project, here are some of the keys to a successful marketing team.

  1. Psychological safety: The question here is that can risk being taken on the team without feeling insecure or embarrassed?
  2. Dependability: The question here is that can you count on each other to do high-quality work on time?
  3. Structure and clarity: The question here is that are the role, execution plans, and the goals of the team clear to all?
  4. Meaning of work: The question here is that is the work on something that is personally important to each of you?
  5. Impact of work: The question here is that do each of you believe that the work you’re doing matters?

These are the 5 attributes of high-performing marketing teams according to google.

Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is by far one of the most important of the five dynamics o successful market teams. The risks that your team members take may seem simple but the ability to trust each other when taking risks on the team is very crucial to the success of that team.

An instance is that a team member can come up with an idea and launch it on behalf of the team without any fear that the team would back down on the idea. The psychological factor becomes very easy once you and your team are fully aware of the goals (5 Attributes of High-Performing Marketing Teams).


The factor of dependability is also an essential one (5 Attributes of High-Performing Marketing Teams). The question you should be asking yourself is that can your team members get the necessary work done on time and meet the high bar of excellence? If you can, then there is no cause for alarm when it comes to dependability.

I am quite sure you already know the meaning of dependability. If you do, then you already know what you should be willing to do for your team. The responsibility of dependability relies on all team members and the leaders included.

Structure and Clarity

The question you should be asking yourself is that can you really depend on the team members to have clear roles, goals, and plans? If your answer to this question is yes, then you just won another factor to a successful team (5 Attributes of High-Performing Marketing Teams).

The team structure should be well placed and all team members should be clear of it. This is where the clarity comes in place. The clarity of all team members in a team is also crucial for the success of the team (5 Attributes of High-Performing Marketing Teams).

Meaning of Work

The work has to be personally important for all team members to take the work seriously. If your team members don’t see the work as a personal race for themselves, then you might have issues with getting the work done on time.

Without the work being personal to all team members, issues with dependability may arise. When this begins, it would be like a virus and it could kill your team in a short time.

Impact of Work

If all team members think their work matters and create a change, they might just be more motivated to do the work in question. If every member has a role to play in the success of the team, then they need to believe in the impact they are making throughout the team.


As a team leader o aspiring team leader, you should know that the success of the team is your key goal. With this goal, you have to be very careful of the team members you pick. For instance, if you pick someone you cant trust to get the work done, then you would have issues delivering work to your customers.

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