3 Major Email Marketing Trends for 2022

3 Major Email Marketing Trends for 2022. An email has become one of the preferred ways for people to stay informed about the brands and products they care about. However, people who enjoy the most success are the ones who adapt to the times and know the trends. Therefore, it is important to know the 3 major Email marketing trends in 2022.

3 Major Email Marketing Trends for 2022

Email marketing strategies have always been changing since the years past. There were so many developments in 2021, some were unexpected and of course, some were expected. Now, we will take a look at five changes in email marketing you should take note of in 2022. It will be very advisable to adapt to these changes in 2022 to add a boost to your email campaigns.

Email Marketing Will Now Become Even More Relevant

In most areas, the recent lockdowns and the ones during the pandemic have decreased consumers’ habits of shopping in-store. McKinsey & Company found that almost 75% of people have tried new shopping behaviors as a result of the restrictions on shopping. With online shopping and home delivery becoming a more popular option, this has increased the reliance of consumers on email.

Since 2017, the total number of emails (sent and received) has been on increase every single year. The projected number of emails that will be sent every day in 2022 is estimated to be as outrageous as 333.2 billion.

For the number of email marketers who want to make the most of their campaigns, the meaning of this is that you have a lot of competition in the inbox. So, a lot of strategies have to be put in place to send emails that people would want to open. In 2022 customers will want to open emails that have real value.

For those who are yet to jump on the email marketing opportunity, it may seem like it’s a little too late, it’s never too late. Even brands that launch a newsletter in 2022 could enjoy tremendous returns and communicate all the right information to their customers.

Open Rates are no Longer the “end-all-be-all”

In 2022, open rates are pretty much dead. This clearly doesn’t mean that they’re useless metrics, but it does mean that they are not as reliable as you think. Instead, we’ll see more focus on click rates and overall email engagement in 2022.

This year, more personal communication with readers and customers will be celebrated. Therefore, try to change the mindset that email marketing should be a one-way form of communication. Replies should be encouraged, and when a reader sends you a message, by all means, write back. Interactivity is likely to increase like never before, so, try to be ahead of your competitors by adopting this mechanism.

Data Decay has Accelerated

Averagely speaking, up to a quarter of an email list goes bad in a year. In the past two years, the rate has become even faster. For example, at ZeroBounce, it was discovered that 30% of their email database has become obsolete in the past year, so those contacts were lost.

What Was the Reason for This?

The employment situation has changed for so many people. The lockdowns resulted in thousands of companies cutting down. A lot of people were laid off and so many changed jobs. This situation has been referred to as “The Great Resignation,” thousands and millions of workers left their jobs and some retired early. The result is a significant increase in data decay.

Although there’s high competition in the inbox, no marketer can afford to risk landing in the spam folder due to bad data. One of the best practices that will only intensify in 2022 is Periodic email list cleaning. Monitor the quality of your list and remove outdated contacts by using an email verifier. If you have a dynamic list and you get lots of sign-ups, you may have to even do this monthly.

There you go, these are the email marketing trends to expect in 2022. Every wise entrepreneur will jump on them now because they will give you a great advantage over your competitors.


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